Friday, May 19, 2017

In the Benefit of a Socialist Health Care System
I had not realized how I was blessed to enjoy the benefits of the free medical service system of the country until I received medical treatment for the detached retina of my right eye at the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital in February.

At that time I was said to be in such critical conditions that I could hardly keep my eyes, much less the vision.

However, the doctors of the ophthalmic hospital decided to operate on me so as to restore my vision. The operation took longer than two hours.

After that they continuously observed my condition 7 or 8 times every day, conducted the funduscopy, intraocular pressure test, a slit lamp microscope check and other tests 4 or 5 times, and administered various vitamins, metabolism activators, antibiotics and other medicines, all free of charge.

After a month’s treatment I restored my vision.

During those days I felt keenly the benefits of our country’s socialist health care system that legally guarantees everybody the right to free medical treatment, as well as the fraternal affection of the medical staff who did their best for an ordinary worker like me.

As I looked round the hospital with my recovered eyes, I got bigger impression.

The hospital was furnished with the state-of-the-art medical equipment such as scanning laser fundus camera, cornea endothelial cell measuring instrument, and an eyeglasses shop with various glasses, parts and optical instruments.

The ophthalmic hospital is the one for the people erected thanks to the noble intention of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to afford priority, respect and love to the people. At this magnificent hospital I, an ordinary worker, restored vision, and all our people lead a happy life, enjoying the benefits of free medical service. This is the reality of our socialist country, which capitalist countries can never possess nor imitate, I believe.

My country is, indeed, the people-centred socialist one in which the Party and the state take full responsibility for the lives of the people. For this grateful motherland, I will devote my all.

Kim Kwang Myong

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