Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making Selfless, Devoted Efforts for Good of People Is Revolutionary Climate of WPK
It has been a year since the election of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea.

On this occasion, the DPRK people extend warm gratitude to the WPK for working miracles in the spirit of making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

The spirit of making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people is the most vivid expression of Kim Jong Un's love for the people.

What the DPRK people are keeping deep in their mind is a pride that as they uphold Kim Jong Un, who is making a ceaseless journey for the people, as the chairman of the WPK, the dignity and might of the WPK and its revolutionary climate and power of execution are further demonstrated.

Last year, the major thrust of the 200-day campaign was diverted to the recovery campaign in the flood-hit northern part of North Hamgyong Province under his leadership. Thanks to his wise leadership and the might of the single-hearted unity of the entire party, the whole army and all the people, the disaster areas were turned into the fairy land of the WPK era in a little over two months.

And the construction of Ryomyong Street came to a perfect end in one year after its groundbreaking, though the country was hard pressed with the recovery campaign.

Kim Jong Un, in his concluding speech made at the 1st Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK held in December last year, said that chairpersons of the primary committees of the WPK should grasp our Party's noble view on the people, philosophy of the people, and become true servants loyal to the people and overcautious mother making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

Recalling his words, the DPRK people are fully convinced that such sacred revolutionary climate of the WPK will shine forever as a treasured sword for the victory of Juche Korea.

Therefore, the DPRK people are absolutely believing in and following the Supreme Leader, entrusting their all to him.


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