Saturday, May 06, 2017

President Kiir to Mobilize Popular Support for Dialogue Process
May 3, 2017 (JUBA) – President Salva Kiir will tour the country to mobilise the popular support to the national dialogue process which will be an opportunity to reconcile and unite the country.

According to Daniel Awet Akot, the Presidential Adviser on Military Affairs, President Kiir will be touring the States to enlighten the people about the plans and measures the government was putting in place to end the conflict and economic hardship caused by the war.

“The priority of the government is to stop the war and embark on a path to restoring trust and confidence,” the Presidential advisor told Sudan Tribune.

"We are going to hold a comprehensive National Dialogue where we will announce the transition towards a multi-party democratic state in which everyone will be equal and participate in building the nation’s future," he added.

Akot said the secretariat appointed by the President would invite people to discuss a wide range of reforms.

He stressed that the government was aware of people who opposed the idea because it was declared by President Kiir, dismissing the initiative because it is not inclusive.

While President Kiir sees the dialogue as the only way to reconcile, critics say "the test is how the government will proceed from here and how these words will be translated into action."

"We have heard nice and harsh statements from the time the dialogue was declared, even by those who are pro-government. Some said the ground has to be levelled, these are the fundamental matters for people to speak about and issues that should be covered by the media,” said Joseph Wol Modesto, General Secretary of the communist party of South Sudan.


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