Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Party Information Workers Meet to Pledge Loyalty

Party information workers making a study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu held a pledge-making gathering before the statue of President Kim Il Sung at the Samjiyon Grand Monument on June 11.

The participants laid bunches of flowers before the statue and paid tribute to him.

The speakers called for thoroughly implementing the last instructions of the President and Chairman Kim Jong Il without fail, holding them in the highest esteem forever.

They called upon everyone to defend Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un politically and ideologically unto death and become genuine comrades and comrades-in-arms who share the idea, intention and affection with the Party Central Committee.

They said they would creditably take over the tradition of unity and cohesion and more firmly consolidate the single-minded unity of the Party and the revolutionary ranks centred on Kim Jong Un.

All worksites and posts should be seething for implementing the last instructions of the leaders and defending the Party's policies by dynamically conducting the information and motivation campaigns in an offensive and three-dimensional manner, they noted. Prior to the gathering, they toured the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station and held a meeting for expressing impressions on the tour on June 10.


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