Saturday, July 08, 2017

US Should Behave Prudently
The successful test- launch of intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong 14 was a gift presented to the US, an empire of evil, on its “Independence Day”. It was also a thrilling moment when the DPRK dealt a heavy blow to the US under the eyes of the world.

Today, there exist nearly 200 countries on the earth and even great powers live studying the face of the US. Such being the case, the ICBM test-launch is a megaevent which can be conducted only by our country. I am filled with iron nerves, indeed.

It is said that Trump has recently told about limit to the “patience” of the US, but it is what we have to say. There is a limit to our tolerance. We will counter the US policy of “maximum pressure and engagement” with our struggle for its downfall.

The US should awaken, as early as possible, to the fact that the DPRK’s “gift” is neither its beginning nor the last one, and that the latter makes no empty words.

Our rockets targeting the US will be launched one after another.

If it wants not to experience a hotter agony of shame but to escape from its destruction, the US should refrain from rash acts.

Prof. and Dr. Jong Kyu Jin,
National Reunification Prize winner and member of the Consultative Council
of Former South Korean Public Figures in the North for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification

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