Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Mozambique Cracks Whip On Sub-standard Universities
Published on 06.02.2018 à 13h21
by APA News

The Mozambican government has given 28 institutions of higher learning until October to regularise their operations and meet set standards or risk closure, state radio reported on Tuesday.According to Radio Mozambique, Science, Technology and Higher Education Minister Jorge Nhambiu warned that “sub-standard” institutions of higher education would be closed if they do not improve their performance by October this year.

Nambiu is quoted as saying there are 28 university-level institutions that do not meet the required conditions to operate and these have been forbidden to enrol any new students in the 2018 academic year.

“We have laid down rules on the minimum number of teaching staff required for a university institution to function, but there are institutions that do not have this minimum number,” Nambiu said.

He added: “If their conditions are still inadequate by October they will be closed down indefinitely.”

Mozambique has 52 institutions of higher learning and only 14 percent of the staff have doctorate degrees as required by regulations.

The ministry started inspecting universities in 2015, demanding that they all abide by the government regulations on the licensing and operations of universities approved in 2010.

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