Monday, February 19, 2018

US Condemned for Obstructing Korea’s Peace and Reunification
The National Reunification Institute issued an indictment on February 14 to lay bare how the US has obstructed the improvement of inter-Korean relations and peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula in every way.

The following are the excerpts from it:

The US has trampled down the Koreans’ aspirations for reconciliation, unity and reunification through impudent interference and undisguised pressure since the very day it occupied south Korea.

After dividing the nation by rigging up the puppet Syngman Rhee regime, the US denied the contents of the July 4 1972 Joint Statement, the 1991, Agreement on Reconciliation, Nonaggression and Cooperation and Exchange between the North and the South the June 15 2000 Joint Declaration and the October 4 2007 Declaration, and egged such groups of traitors as the Lee Myung Bak conservative regime on to totally reject the implementation of the joint declarations. Such moves have reached the extreme since Trump came to power.

The US has aggravated tension in the Korean peninsula while being hell-bent on military buildup and DPRK-targeted war racket, so as to build a barrier in the way of improved north-south relationship and national reunification. The US perpetuated its military presence in south Korea and ceaselessly staged joint war games with south Korea under different codenames, especially Focus Lens, Foal Eagle, Team Spirit and Ulji Freedom Lens to extremely aggravate the peninsula situation.

Trump unhesitatingly said on the UN arena that they would exterminate tens of millions of Koreans and announced that the US would immediately resume Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises after the Winter Olympic Games, even though they said they would postpone the exercises until the Olympics in south Korea is over. This clearly shows who is the principal deteriorating the Korean peninsula situation and standing in the way of inter-Korean rapprochement.

The US has persistently resorted to despicable moves of disturbing reconciliation, cooperation and exchange between the north and south of Korea through a vicious smear campaign, sanctions and pressure.

Historically, it has cooked up the "Foreign Assistance Act", "Export-Import Bank Act" and other bills to impose unprecedented economic sanctions on the DPRK while preventing its vassal forces from engaging in economic cooperation with the country.

Claiming from the outset of the year that “they should not relax ‘maximum pressure’ on north Korea until it abandons its nuclear and missile programme”, it is behaving mischievously while linking the technical matters the south Korean authorities have promoted for the DPRK’s participation in the Winter Olympics to the provisions of the UN “sanctions resolution” and “independent sanctions”.

The crimes it has committed historically prove that the US is the sworn enemy of the Korean nation and the biggest hurdle in the way of peace and reunification.

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