Thursday, March 08, 2018

COSATU Fully Behind the NEHAWU Strike at the Department of Water and Sanitation
The Congress of South African Trade Unions fully supports the NEHAWU strike at the Department of Water and Sanitation following the collapse of the negotiations at the Chamber on matters of mutual interest with the department. This is an unnecessary strike that has been triggered by the bureaucratic arrogance and an ill-informed unilateralism by the department leadership. We commend NEHAWU for pushing back against this mediocrity and arrogance and we fully support the workers in their fight.

We call on Minister Gugile Nkwinti to provide the necessary leadership and engage with workers on their legitimate and reasonable demands. This strike also proves us right on our assertion that the recycling of incompetent ministers is a recipe for disaster. Some of these ministers are fatigued and have nothing new to offer , while some are just plain corrupt and incompetent.

They are going to be exposed because workers are ready and willing to fight back. There is no convincing reason why Minister Nomvula Mokonyane is still a member of the cabinet ,after the havoc and chaos she left behind at the Department of Water and Sanitation. This New Era that is being championed by President Cyril Ramaphosa will be stillborn if he continues to pander to mediocrity and ineptitude

We urge the workers to keep their unity and not be defocused by the sectarian differences because the only weapon they have to improve their wages and conditions of employment is their unity. We also urge all of our affiliates to offer solidarity and support to the NEHAWU members during their strike. The fight against employer arrogance and corruption belongs to all the workers. Workers should be foot soldiers in the fight against corruption because if we do not support each other on the picket line , we will meet each other in the unemployment line.

NEHAWU joins a number of COSATU affiliates that are busy defending the rights and pursuing the interests and aspirations of their members. This uncompromising attitude and fearless character acts to re- affirm the character of COSATU as a militant, radical and class oriented federation of trade unions.

Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

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