Thursday, May 03, 2018

Message by the Secretary General of the ANC Cde Ace Magashule on the Occasion of the Birthday Anniverary Celebrations of the Father of the African Nation, and the Former President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda
29 April 2018

On this important day, on the occasion of the anniversary celebrations of your 94th birthday, on behalf of the African National Congress and the people of our country, we express our gratitude and well wishes to you the father of the African nation. Our warm wishes to you, relatives, and the peace loving people of the republic of Zambia. 

We shall always be grateful of your indomitable contribution towards the struggles of our  people against imperialism and colonialism. On this memorable day, we recall with fondness and admiration, your heroic contribution, to the cause of the struggles of humanity, for freedom and independence.

Your great sacrifices to our struggles for freedom and dignity shall be engraved forever in the annals of the glorious chapters of our history books. We embrace your beautiful life which has become a symbol of the noble struggles of humanity against poverty, disease and underdevelopment. 

Your proud historic legacy represents the longstanding bonds of friendship between the people of our two nation states. Ours is a friendship etched in the trenches of our struggles against the racist apartheid regime. 

As you celebrate another milestone achievement of your extraordinary life, we take the opportunity to wish you good health and wisdom. May your beautiful life of leadership continues to be a source of inspiration to many generations to come.

Happy birthday to you the father of the African nation. May the glory of your more youthful days blossom the horizons of our mother earth.


Issued by Cde Ace Magashule
Secretary General
African National Congress

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson

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