Sunday, May 20, 2018

South Sudan Former Ministerial Adviser Joins Paul Malong
Lewis Anei Madut-Kuendit (L) and Paul Malong pose for picture on 19 May 2018 (ST photo)

May 19, 2018 (JUBA) - South Sudanese ministerial advisor and a secretary general of the Dinka Council of Elders has resigned from his position and joined armed opposition under the leadership of former army chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan.

In a statement released Saturday, Lewis Anei Madut-Kuendit who was also the former leader of the Republican Party of South Sudan (RPSS) said he decided to join the armed opposition because the grip of misrule continued to deepen upon the nation.

He further opted for armed struggle to correct a belief by many people that the country is mismanaged by the Dinka from Bahr El Ghazal region, adding that "in my view, it is a clique of selfish and unpatriotic individuals from all tribes and regions".

" Because of all these, I here submit to declare having Joined my fellow citizens and leaders in the South Sudan United Front/Army, to throw in my lot as the only viable way to bring a change of this situation in our country," declared Kuendit in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune.

Kuendit who was the former governor of Warrap state has also participated and played a formidable role in the establishment and running of the Dinka Council of Elders, a tribal group that has seen as an advisory body to president Salva Kiir.

He was the secretary general of the Dinka council of elders until his resignation.

In a separate resignation letter from the Republican Party of South Sudan chairmanship on 19 May, Kuendit said he "underwent acute personal safety problem three days ago in Juba". Adding that this security problem forced him to move outside the country.

However, he didn’t give further details about the nature of this problem. But it is admitted that figures suspected of having links to the armed opposition groups are targeted by the security organs.

In his resignation letter to President Salva Kiir; seen by Sudan Tribune, the former National Ministerial Advisor on Culture, Youth said the ongoing war and economic crisis in the country made it "conscientiously difficult" for him to continue in a government office.

"With this resignation, let me acknowledge my having served under your leadership as Governor of Warrap State and the assignment I have just vacated," he said.

Several officials in the government have left the country fearing for their safety as they were harassed by the security apparatus. Many are now in Kenya, Sudan or Uganda.

But in his declaration to join the South Sudan United Front/ Army of, the former national adviser called for unity of opposition under the leadership of Paul Malong.

"As I join the armed opposition, I wish to call upon all our youths and all our South Sudanese people in the various opposition movements to unite under South Sudan United Front so as to be able to quickly stop the suffering of our people and bring the kind of national unity we want," said Kuendit.


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