Wednesday, June 13, 2018

4 Civilians Killed in Saudi-led Airstrikes, Ground Attacks Over 24 Hours
SANAA, June 13 (Saba) – Four civilians were killed and five injured when US-backed Saudi-led coalition aggression launched airstrikes and ground attacks on several Yemen’s provinces over 24 hours, according to reports combined by Saba News Agency on Wednesday.

In Hodeidah province, four civilians were killed and two injured in airstrikes on Kamaran Island as well as civilians' properties were damaged in an airstrike hit a farm in Jurahi district.

In Taiz province, a man and woman were injured when the Saudi-paid mercenaries targeted Taizia district by medium weapons.

Also in Taiz, the mercenaries targeted Hawjalh and Rwas villages, damaging a civilian’s home, and causing material losses.

In Saada province, a civilian was injured when Saudi artillery and missile shells targeted residential areas of Razih border district.

Meanwhile, the warplanes launched three airstrikes on Abu-Jubara valley in Kutaf district, four airstrikes on Azqul area of Sehar district, two airstrikes on Ja'malia area of Majz district.

Sameera Hassn

Civilian killed in Saudi ground attacks in Saada


SAADA, June 13 (Saba) – A civilian was killed when the Saudi-led aggression coalition shelled artillery and missile in Saada province, a security official told Saba News Agency.

The shelling targeted residential areas in Munabeh border district, damaging civilians’ properties.

Meanwhile, the aggression warplanes launched four strikes on Azqul of Sehar district, and an airstrike on Wehda School in Ghammar area of Razih district.

Sameera Hassn

Army destroys coalition warship in Yemen’s western coast

HODEIDAH, June 13 (Saba) – Rocketry force of the Yemen army and popular committees on Wednesday destroyed a Saudi-led coalition warship in western coast of Hodeidah province, Defense ministry said in a statement obtained by Saba News Agency.

The statement confirmed that army targeted the battleship with two missiles after participating in the coalition war on Hodeidah.

The coalition warship was burned and other battleships were retreated after seeing the fire.

The targeted battleship was carrying troops prepared for landing on Hodeidah coast.

The warships tried to withdraw the dead and wounded from the targeted battleship, and Apache helicopters also tried rescuing who was still on board.

Sameera Hassn

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