Friday, June 15, 2018

South African High Commission to Namibia Hails Women in Leadership Conference
Southern Times
June 13,2018
By Sharon Kavhu

Windoek-South African High Commissioner to Namibia, Mr William Whitehead has hailed The Southern Times (TST) newspaper’s Women in leadership Annual Conference, which is scheduled for 17 August this year.

Whitehead expressed his warm welcome for the project when the TST management led by General Manager, Gwen Synders visited him at the embassy on Tuesday.

 “The initiative is very good especially the fact that you have scheduled it at the same time with the SADC 38th  Summit where South Africa will be handing over the chairmanship to Namibia,” said Whitehead.

He committed his support  to the event, meant to empower women in the region.
This year’s Women in Leadership Conference is being held under the theme: ‘African women taking control’ and it is being held simultaneously with the SADC Heads of States 38th Summit. It is aimed at bringing together SADC First

Ladies to share their experiences, motivate and encourage other women in the region.
During the conference, there will be a dialogue for discourse on the inclusion of women in leadership roles, challenges and instil positive reinforcement in women from all spheres of life in economic activities.

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