Sunday, June 10, 2018

ZANU-PF On a Positive Transformation 
Zimbabwe Herald

UNITY, UNITY, UNITY . . . President Mnangagwa recently addressed zanu-pf’s healing and reconciliation workshop for the ruling party’s winning and losing candidates in the just-ended primary elections where he urged both sides to unite and campaign for the party ahead of the harmonised elections set for July 30

Tendai Guta Correspondent

The fall of zanu-pf bigwigs during the ruling party’s primary elections and the coming on board of new and energetic elements is a clear testimony that the new zanu-pf now enjoys democracy and is re-inventing itself ahead of harmonised elections on July 30 to deal with emerging challenges.

This democracy of allowing the electorate to select leaders of their choice without imposition of candidates will definitely make the ruling party stronger than before.

Snakes and other reptiles shed their skins to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin as they grow. That is exactly what is happening in the new zanu-pf under the leadership of its First Secretary, President Mnangagwa; dropping non-performing and undesirable elements within the ruling party’s leadership for the good of the party.

More than 70 percent new faces chosen by the electorate will represent zanu-pf in the National Assembly and local authority elections this year. This is healthy for the ruling party and a clear testimony that there is a brand new package of democracy in the new zanu-pf, unlike the previous zanu-pf where senior party members were not challenged.

Just like trees which shed their leaves at the onset of the dry season as a strategy to survive harsh weather conditions and to conserve water and energy, the ruling party is cleansing itself in preparation for the coming harmonised elections.

No doubt, the ruling party will emerge stronger in these elections, claiming victory against more than 130 opposition parties.

The opposition will have a torrid time fighting these new faces, which were chosen by the people without being imposed on them. The previous zanu-pf dominated by the G40 cabal had a culture of imposing candidates, protecting Cabinet ministers and top party officials, which usually resulted in “bhora musango” or voter apathy.

The coming in of new faces is a positive development in the party as they will bring new ideas and also hope to the electorate.

Leaders should know that they were chosen by the people for development and that they can also be voted out by the same people if they fail to deliver.

President Mnangagwa a few weeks ago addressed zanu-pf’s healing and reconciliation workshop for the ruling party’s winning and losing candidates in the just ended primary elections in Harare where he urged both sides to unite and campaign for the party ahead of the harmonised elections to be held on July 30.

The President is also on record advocating peaceful and violence-free harmonised elections.
While zanu-pf has already healed and moved on, Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T’s primary elections currently underway are marred by organisational chaos and incidents of violence, intimidation, death threats and imposition of candidates as well as vote rigging, which resulted in voting being called off in some constituencies.

The new dispensation under the leadership of zanu-pf and President Mnangagwa is opening up the country for business, fighting corruption, creating jobs, modernising the public sector and promoting investment, economic empowerment and realigning investor-friendly policies.

A few weeks ago, zanu-pf launched a well-received manifesto after wide consultations with the general public, opinion leaders, captains of industry and academics.

The consultative process also reached out to stakeholders such as women, farmers, youths, workers and civil servants; an indication that the party is for the people.

President Mnangagwa recently revealed that he would make wholesome changes to his Cabinet as soon as he wins the coming Presidential election, dropping lazy and non-performing ministers.

This is most welcome and different from the previous Government, which was known for recycling “deadwood” in the form of ministers known for their greed and corrupt tendencies.

This will give hope to the people of Zimbabwe, who have suffered for a long time under the rule of former president Robert Mugabe.

There is need for all citizens to support the ruling party to rebuild our nation, which had suffered for years in the hands of former president Mugabe and his G40 cabal.

It is everyone’s responsibility to transform our economy for the good of generations to come.
The ruling party is committed to the prosperity of the country and its citizens and the preservation of our legacy.

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