Sunday, July 01, 2018

South Sudan’s Troika Call for Full Implementation of Ceasefire
June 29, 2018 (JUBA) - The three countries of the Troika Friday welcomed the IGAD efforts to settle the South Sudan conflict and the signing of Khartoum Declaration of Agreement and called for full implementation of the ceasefire agreement.

Khartoum’s declaration which was signed on 27 June is framework paper where the parties pledge to settle the outstanding issues in the implementation of security arrangements and governance chapters of the peace agreement.

However and even before the resolution of the four outstanding matters, the parties commit themselves to implement the permanent ceasefire on Saturday based on the procedures agreed in the cessation of hostilities deal on 21 December 2017. the modalities of the ceasefire are more complicated than the cessation of hostilities.

In their joint statement, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States commended the IGAD efforts to "drive forward the South Sudan peace process, and take note of the Khartoum Declaration of Agreement". They further welcome the Government of Sudan’s role in hosting the latest round of discussions.

The Troika further urged the warring parties to stop the fighting immediately stressing that" is the only secure foundation upon which any agreement can be built". They added that its effects must be seen on the ground in order to allow the return of refugees and displaced people and the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance.

“Self-monitoring” will not be sufficient to assess adherence to the ceasefire. The Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM) must continue to play a central role, with full access throughout the country and support in publishing timely reports," emphasized the statement.

Also, the group which has two permanent members at the UN Security Council recalled they will not put aside the violations committed to the cessation of hostilities agreement and will continue to seek measures against the spoilers to the peace process.

"The International Community, therefore, stands ready to support action by IGAD and the African Union to signal an end to impunity by delivering punitive measures against those responsible," the statement said.

In his speech before the IGAD leaders, the special envoy for South Sudan asked them to approve the targeted punitive measures already endorsed by the IGAD Council of Ministers.

The statement which came out before the resolution of pending issues in the security arrangements chapter pointed also to the need for " robust security and enforcement mechanisms, inclusion of a wide range of constituencies, and clear limits to executive power".

The Troika countries in their statement also stopped on the governance chapter and mentioned the need for "specific and realistic benchmarks throughout the transitional period, which lead to free and fair elections" to ensure a peaceful transition in South Sudan.

On the oil register, the three countries say any deal should include transparency and accountability and ensure that new oil revenues directly benefit the South Sudanese people, rather than fuel more conflict.


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