Thursday, July 05, 2018

Yemeni Army Liberates Strategic Position in the South
The Armed Forces of Yemen have seized a strategically located position in Dhale province, securing a foothold in southern Yemen.

July 5, 2018
By Brecht Jonkers

SANA’A – The Armed Forces of the Republic of Yemen has secured a strategically located position in the souther Dhale Governorate, after a successful offensive against Saudi occupation forces there.

According to military sources, the Ga’a al-Hiyafy area of Dhale province was liberated on Wednesday. Aside from this, the Army seized control over several areas in the al-Hiyafy district as well. Dozens of Saudi-backed soldiers and mercenaries were killed and wounded during the attack.

The liberation of these areas in the Dhale Governorate, located in the south of Yemen, marks an important victory for the defenders of Yemen. With this advance, the Yemeni Armed Forces have established a foothold deep in the south, directly next to the areas under control of the Southern Transitional Counciol (STC) separatist militias that are supported by United Arab Emirates.

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