Thursday, August 09, 2018

Deceiving Plastic Surgery Clinics Target African-American Women
Plastic surgeons warn women about truth behind cosmetic surgeons

By Amy Viteri - Investigative Reporter
6:13 PM, August 07, 2018

MIAMI - Women are still being lured to South Florida clinics for bargain plastic surgeries and a growing number are dying or suffering devastating injuries.

Dr. Daniel Careaga said when he first started his practice African-American women who were getting plastic surgery in South Florida made up for about 1 to 2 percent. Now, he said, they are about 10 percent of the patients.

Careaga believes this is because many clinics in South Florida are marketing specifically to African-American women in other states. He said it's the fastest growing segment of the population that is seeking out aesthetic surgical procedures.

Encore Plastic Surgery

A growing database compiled by Dr. Pat Pazmiño highlights African-American patients who have died from complications or who have suffered life-changing injuries at South Florida clinics. Many of those woman traveled to South Florida for plastic surgery.

Pazmiño said this is a problem that is affecting young mothers exclusively.

Jolie Plastic Surgery contract

In June 2017, Lattia Baumeister, a married mother of six, died from complications after traveling from Illinois for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, or BBL. Her procedure was at the Seduction Cosmetic Center in Miami-Dade's city of Doral.

Kizzy London

In December, Kizzy London, a mother from Louisiana, died of a fat embolism after a BBL at Jolie Plastic Surgery with Dr. Arnaldo Valls, who is identified as a plastic surgeon even though he lacks certification. Valls said he is a cosmetic surgeon, which is not a certified medical specialty.

Valls settled a lawsuit last year, after he went ahead with a breast implant surgery despite a mammogram that was showing the woman had a possible malignancy. Court records show that woman was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Louis Wright said he attempted to talk his wife, Rashana, out of traveling to Miami to undergo a BBL on January 2016. Rashana, a mother of three from Virginia Beach, traveled for a procedure at Clinic Spectrum Aesthetics, which she had found on Instagram.

"They found my wife unconscious in their recovery room but they don't know how long she went without air without getting CPR," said Wright, who serves with the U.S. Navy.

Wright said Rashana has been in "a vegetative state" for the last two years at a rehabilitation home in Virginia.

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