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SACP in Gauteng Province Calls for the Provincial Alliance Integrity Commission to Have a Final Say on Deployments to the State Organs
2 August 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Gauteng Province held a successful Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) Lekgotla over the weekend in Oupa Phasha District in City of Ekhuruleni. The Meeting was convened to assess the balance of forces in our province and adopt a programme of action to implement resolutions of our Provincial Congress that was held in early May this year.

The PEC Lekgotla welcomed the outcomes of the African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Conference that was held two weeks ago. We also welcomed the outcomes of Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu) Provincial Congress held last week.

Following frank and honest discussions, PEC Lekgotla adopted several resolutions that amongst others include the following:

1) Immediate establishment of the Provincial Alliance Integrity Commission

The PEC Lekgotla resolved to engage Alliance partners to establish a Provincial Alliance Integrity Commission empowered to act as the final clearing house on all matters relating to the deployment of all cadres to organs of the state.

We believe that an Alliance Integrity Commission as opposed to that of the ANC only, will ensure that cadres that are on the wrong side of integrity, moral and ethical principles are not deployed to the state.

We further believe that the composition of the Integrity Commission should be agreed by the Alliance. It should be constituted of men and women that will uphold integrity, moral and ethical values without fear, favour or prejudice.

It is important that we have an effective, efficient and decisive Integrity Commission that will protect the provincial government from exposure to corruption, looting and maladministration.

We remain deeply convinced that corporate capture of the state remains the most immediate and urgent threat to the capacity of the state and the provincial government to grow the economy, create jobs, eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities.

We believe that an efficient, decisive and effective Alliance Integrity Commission will add new impetus and momentum to the new wave of hope unleashed by the post-Nasrec period under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

We believe that this will also strengthen the process by the provincial government to submit all outstanding investigation cases to law enforcement agencies to root out parasitic networks of corporate capture in our province.

We believe that the Alliance Integrity Commission will play a decisive role to root out all forms of corporate capture of the state. We have already seen the emergence of a factional tendency in our province that publicly, openly and without shame attacked the principled fight of the provincial government to root out parasitic networks of corporate capture in our province.

We were then shocked when it later emerged that this factional tendency faces serious allegations of corporate capture of the state in the North West government for the supply of Gupta linked mobile clinics that triggered a wave of protests that finally saw the resignation of North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo. We were further shocked that this very same factional tendency has now allegedly extended its tentacles to our province in a disputed tender to supply Karikis for the cooperatives in the waste recycling sector.

It therefore became very clear that the unprincipled attack on the provincial government was essentially a desperate attempt by this factional tendency to defend its accumulation regime that seems to be based on the supply of the health Kariki in North West, and now the enviro Kariki in our province as alleged.

In true Bell Potinger style, this factional tendency (that for a lack of a better word may just as well be termed the Makariki faction in full recognition of its monopoly power in the Kariki industry), expropriated the concept of "generational mix" to give cover to its Kariki accumulation regime.

We were therefore pleased and welcomed the fact that the concept of generational mix was eloquently and decisively defended and protected against this faction by the ANC national leadership at the Provincial Conference. Following this profound ideological and theoretical intervention on the concept of generational mix by the ANC national leadership, we reiterate our standpoint, that generational mix shall not be vulgarized nor Guptarised.

We further welcomed and extolled the scientific truth at the ANC Provincial Conference that saw this factional tendency pushed back for at least another 15 years, thus creating far much better conditions for the Reconfiguration of the Alliance in our province.

It is in this context that we will be mobilising our structures to campaign against all forms of corporate capture of the state. As part of this, we will be marching to the Judicial Commission of Enquiry on State Capture when it start with its hearings in and around the 22nd of August this year, and we have already made an application in this regard.

We will hold urgent bilateral meetings with the new PEC's of the ANC, Cosatu and that of SANCO to engage them on our proposal that as part of the Reconfigured Alliance in our province, the Alliance Integrity Commission be established to serve as the first and last line of defence for our state organs, that is, have both powers of deployment and recall. This is to rid our province of any form of corporate capture of the state and to root out any parasitic network in our province.

We hope that this time, we will not have any unprovoked victims, claiming that our principled commitment to root-out all forms of corporate 'capture of the state and its parasitic networks in our province is targeting them, a practice that will be tantamount to jumping onto the rail line of an oncoming train and cry foul when finally hit by the train.

Further Resolutions on campaigns and activities.

2) Consolidating the post-Nasrec new dawn and Thuma-Mina momentum.

The PEC Lekgotla identified the threat of dual power in our province, with the momentum and new wave of hope unleashed by the post-Nasrec period as one side of the duality of power in our province. In this regard, we recognised and appreciated that the overwhelming majority of the working class and poor in our province are fully united behind the leadership of President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

We have on the other hand of the pendulum, the DA-EFF coalition on our doorstep if not already inside. This forces, whilst paralyzed and fractured by the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC President, poses a real threat with a possibility that our province may be the weakest link in the 2019 national and provincial elections.

Memories of how we lost power in just 12 hours in the big Metros in our province in the 2016 local government elections are still ringing in our political landscape.

We believe that it is only through hard work on the ground, united Alliance programme as opposed to factional, opportunistic and divisive tendencies based on sheer laziness that may act as an-anti thesis and real threat to the post-Nasrec momentum of the new dawn.

We will be starting with our election programme before end of this month to defend, consolidate and take forward the wave of hope unleashed by Thuma-Mina and the new dawn.

3) Campaign against the high petrol price.

We will work within our Central Committee to ensure that we get to the bottom and full truth about real factors behind the high petrol price, and not paper over the issues in a misleading way as the DA and OUTA are doing to attack and scapegoat the democratic government on the high Petrol price. We believe the entire tax regime, its efficiency, accounting practices and the role of the corporate in tax avoidance using all sophisticated tricks in the book is at the centre of the over-reliance on petrol taxes and increases.

4) Campaign to support local production to Re-industrialise our province

In line with the Transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialization of our province, we will engage within our CC to carefully analyse and assess and hopefully review the entire procurement policies, rules and regulations, and their effectiveness to privilege local production and value add, especially on the billions of Rands spent in Infrastructure and minerals. We believe we need to end the "container economy", where we export raw material and import final goods.

5) Political Education to defeat the economies of the slate and money consciousness.

PEC Lekgotla resolved to implement consistent political education in our structures working with our Alliance partners to ensure that we confront what is clearly an informalised "survival economy that is based on the use of money to influence leadership and organizational processes.

We have identified this practice as a "slate" economy to emphasize the point about the huge sums of money that are allegedly deployed to conferences, with all the requirements of a normal commodity market and the slate price.

We need to confront this tendency as it poses a serious danger to each of the Alliance, taking different forms depending on the unique set of facts and circumstances. We believe that we should defeat this tendency that is mainly based on the rampant embrace of capitalist and bourgeois culture and morality.

We will also expose the fact that money is a mere commodity that is a product of the blood and sweat of workers, and should therefore not be worshiped. We hope to expose the dangers of the gradual erosion of true revolutionary consciousness by false money consciousness.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


Jacob Mamabolo - SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 884 1868

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