Monday, November 05, 2018

A Warm Embrace from the People of Pyongyang
Yesterday, around 1:00 pm local time, Cuba’s President arrived in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to begin his official visit

Yaima Puig Meneses |
November 5, 2018 08:11:11

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the delegation accompanying him departed the Russian Federation Saturday night, after a busy visit, to arrive in Pyongyang, where a great multitude waited to greet them, cheering and waving the flags of the two countries.

It was around 1:00 pm local time when they reached the city’s international airport where he was welcomed with full military honors by Kim Jong-un, President of the Workers' Party of Korea, and of the  Democratic People's Republic of Korea’s State Committee, and Commander in Chief of the Korean People’s Army.

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