Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Guidance to Another Test-Fire of New Weapon
Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, oversaw the test-fire of a new weapon again on the morning of August 16.

Juche projectiles were fired in the presence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The defence scientists showed a perfect result in the current test-fire, too, and it helped them to build up firmer confidence in the weapon system.

Our reliable scientists in the defence science sector developed at the earliest possible date the major military striking means the Party had planned recently and recorded the mysterious and amazing success rates, he said, expressing his great satisfaction over the fact that the level of development of the defence science and technology can be figured out and that it proved in practice that the material and technological foundations of the defence industry are being perfected at a high level.

Noting that our Party has strictly adhered to self-reliance and Juche in defence building and it has recently advanced a strategic policy of the development orientation for Juche-oriented defence building based on our own science, technology and strength as required by the developing reality, he stressed the need to keep channelling nationwide efforts into, taking deep care of and rendering unstinting support to the sacred work of defence building so as to provide a reliable guarantee for the sovereignty and security of the country and the happy future of the people.

He said that it is our Party's goal of defence building to possess invincible military capabilities which no one dares to attack and keep bolstering them up and that the step-by-step objectives for implementing the goal have already been set as a policy task. He then underlined the need for the defence science and munitions industry sectors to charge forward to faithfully and perfectly support the Party's line on defence building as now under the slogan “Higher and Faster”.

Everyone should remember that it is the Party's core plan and unshakeable will for defence building to possess such a powerful force enough to discourage any forces from daring to provoke us and leave all others vulnerable to our Juche weapons of absolute power, even though the situation where physical strength crashes with each other may come, he said.

He called on the defence science and munitions industry sectors to cherish unfailing loyalty to the Party and the revolution and vigorously push ahead with the sacred activities for increasing the country’s defence capabilities in every way possible.

He was accompanied by the senior officials of the WPK Central Committee and the defence science sector.


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