Thursday, August 15, 2019

Harasser of Peace and Stability
Of late, the south Korean authorities are getting more frantic in their moves for modernizing military hardware, a root cause of escalating the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

They are pushing ahead with a plan for building warships including a light aircraft carrier-class transport ship and three new-type Aegis warships on the plea of "diverse security threats" together with the purchase of ultra-modern military hardware like F-35A, means for intercepting aerial targets and Global Hawk.

This is a dangerous act of escalating the military tensions on the Korean peninsula as it is part of war preparations against the DPRK.

It is nobody's secret that south Korea is going to purchase 40 F-35As as part of the plan for establishing the "anti-north preemptive strike system 'Kill Chain'" which was mapped out by the south Korean military warmongers when traitor Park Geun Hye was in power.

The south Korean military authorities are going to specify in the "plan for future relocation of ground troops" an evil scheme for deploying its armed forces throughout the DPRK. From this fact, it is not difficult to guess what the purpose of the modernization of military hardware is.

Nevertheless, the confrontational maniacs claim that "the arms buildup is for defense and not contrary to the south-north agreements", which is the height of shamelessness.

The steady reinforcement of offensive military hardware in south Korea, a recognized biggest powder magazine in the Far East, will only increase the danger of war on this land with each passing day and further deepen mistrust and hostility between the north and the south.

All the facts prove that the south Korean authorities hell-bent on arms buildup against the dialogue partner are the arch criminal escalating the tension on the Korean peninsula and wrecker of its peace and stability.

The Korean nation still remember the crime-woven careers of the south Korean rulers who had overruled the historic north-south agreements and provoked confrontation against the fellow countrymen to drive the inter-Korean relations to a catastrophic phase.

Hostility towards the fellow countrymen and pursuance of confrontation will only bring ruin.


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