Monday, February 13, 2012

Somalia: Puntland Security Forces Apprehend Explosive Expert

Somalia: Puntland security forces apprehend explosive expert

Feb 13, 2012 - 7:47:34 AM

GAROWE, Somalia Feb 13 2012 (Garowe Online) “ The Minister of Security Gen. Khalif Isse Mudan held a press conference today in which he announced that Puntland security forces caught a key figure from a terrorist cell linked Al Shabaab operating in Golis Mountains, Radio Garowe reports.

Gen. Mudan said that the Puntland security forces had received a tip that a group of Al Shabaab linked men were meeting in a small town in the Golis Mountains. Gen. Mudan did not specify the date the operation was conducted but said that security forces conducted the operation in the early hours.

The operation didn't go as plan, because most of the men who came to the meeting had escaped but a key official was caught, Ahmed Saeed Mohamed.

The suspect is a man alleged to have been the explosive expert in an Al Shabaab linked terrorist cell that operated from the Golis Mountains in northern Puntland that have carried out attacks in Bossaso. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed is the brother of Mohamed Saeed Atom an arms smuggler who allegedly has links to Al Shabaab and is responsible for many attacks on Puntland security forces.

The Minister congratulated the security forces on their successful misson and said that the authorities are still questioning Mr. Ahmed, as his investigation is pending.

11 pirates caught

Gen. Mudan also spoke of 11 pirates who were caught in Gabaa a town near Eyl, the men were brought and are being held in Garowe.

The pirates who had tried to escape with their speedboat were apprehended; authorities found food, arms and fuel in the speedboat, the forces then burned the speedboat Gen. Mudan told reporters.

Gen Mudan also spoke of the 11 bodies that washed up on shore in the Sanaag region. The victims of a capsized ship after it tried to carry asylum seekers that may have been headed to Yemen before the boats engine gave out. Gen Mudan asked for the local and international community to continue their efforts to prevent more fatalities like these.


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