Wednesday, March 07, 2012

South Sudan Says Khartoum Bombed Two Oil Wells

S. Sudan says Sudan bombed 2 oil wells in South

JUBA, Sudan — South Sudanese officials say that Sudanese armed forces bombed two oil wells inside South Sudan and Sudanese troops are massing near the disputed border.

The spokesman for South Sudan's armed forces said Thursday that two Sudanese planes dropped 6 bombs in Pariang county, along the north-south border on Wednesday afternoon. Col. Philip Aguer says at least one well had been damaged and was leaking into the ground, polluting drinking water.

He says Sudan has also been massing ground forces in a nearby town.

Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Al Obeid Merwah did not answer calls for comment.

South Sudan became independent from Sudan in July but many issues remain unresolved, including the demarcation of the border and the sharing of oil revenues.

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