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Sudan, Chad Affirm Crucial Role of Joint Forces to Border Security, Stability

Sudan, Chad Affirm Crucial Role of Joint Forces to Border Security, Stability

Khartoum – Chad has now assumed the command of the Joint Forces at a handover-takeover process held at the closing session of the 3rd assessment conference of the Joint Forces convened in Khartoum which was attended by Sudan and Chad defence ministers Gen. Abdul Rahman Mohamed Hussein and Gen. Ombai Naro respectively. The ceremony was also attended by the ambassadors of the two countries and several commanders of the Joint Forces from Sudan, Chad and the Central Africa Republic (CAR) which came on board recently.

The success of the experience of Joint Forces between Sudan and Chad was motivated by the political will demonstrated by the two countries besides the measures taken by the two countries against their opponents, Sudanese Defence Defence Minister Gen. Hussein has said, adding the experience played key a role in putting an end to rebellion along Darfur-Chad border, bringing security and stability to the region and facilitating return of IDPs and refugees.

Gen. Hussein said the time has come for the UNAMID peacekeepers to depart Darfur after security has been achieved with the help of the Joint Forces. “We are seriously considering the need for UNAMID to leave Darfur” he said, adding the revolution in Libya and the improvement of Sudan’s relations with Chad contributed towards peace presently enjoyed by population in Darfur States.

He revealed an agreement in principle for inclusion of Libya in the Joint Forces arrangement, saying the meeting between him, Chad defence minister and Libyan chief of staff referred the matter to the concerned bodies to make necessary arrangements for Libya to come on board.

Addressing a joint press conference with his Chadian counterpart, Gen. Hussein ruled out failure of the experience of joint forces due to pressures that some western powers might exercise; saying the strength of political will of the two countries would immunize the experience against failure.

He said CAR came on board based on recent agreement, adding the joint forces are mandated to secure the borders but they have the right chase negative forces that undermine security of the border.

He ruled out consideration of a similar arrangement between Sudan and South Sudan due to the hostility of the latter which contradict the standards and the requirements for formation of such force.

Chadian Defence Minister Gen. Ombai Naro affirmed the success of the Joint Forces, adding the recommendations of the conference would be seriously considered by Chad.

Commander of the Joint Forces (Sudan) Col. Fateh Al-Rahim Abdullah said the Forces carried out more than 5,000 security operations at border and also rendered services to local community by electrifying several villages using solar energy and also opened four health clinics.

The closing session of the 3rd assessment conference issued its final recommendations which focused on security of the border, development of border villages, opening of customs points and beefing up of the forces.

It is worth noting that Presidents of Sudan and Chad issued several presidential decrees honoring the defence ministers of the two countries and several commanders of the Joint Forces from Sudan and Chad.

By Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

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