Monday, April 16, 2012

Angola Government Ends Military Mission In Guinea-Bissau

4/10/12 4:29 PM

Angola: Government ends military mission in Guinea Bissau

Bissau - The Angolan Foreign minister, Georges Chicoti explained in Bissau, that Angola's mission to support the military reform in the West African country (MISAANG), will leave Guinea-Bissau in response to requests from some Guinean entities.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a meeting with the Guinean Government and after a meeting with acting President Raimundo Pereira, the Angolan official confirmed the withdrawal of Missang, without disclosing the departure date of the contingent.

"There are some people who are not satisfied with the cooperation between Angola and Guinea-Bissau. All aspects must be properly evaluated between the two governments. Agreements were signed between two responsible governments, at this point, we have sit down and evaluate our cooperation and make decisions that are necessary "- he said.

Asked about the reasons for the departure of Missang, the Angolan diplomat said that the journalists know better what is happening.

"You know better than I what is at stake" - Georges Chicoti said. "Guinea Bissau asked for Angola help and Angola gave the answer with a good heart, but if this helps hurts some people and then it is because it cannot correspond" – considered Georges Chicoti, explaining the reasons that kept the audience today with the Bissau authorities.

"We came to address various aspects of our cooperation with Guinea-Bissau. Angola and Guinea-Bissau cooperate in various fields. We have cooperation both in the civil and the military part. These meetings allowed us to evaluate all these aspects, including the withdrawal or suspension of military cooperation in Guinea-Bissau "- he stressed.

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