Tuesday, April 03, 2012

South Sudan President Kiir Talks With Obama

Government of South Sudan (Juba)

South Sudan: President Kiir Talks With President Obama

By Thomas Kenneth
3 April 2012
press release

Talks between Sudan and South Sudan have stalled as both sides accuse each other of being responsible for last week's violence on the border. ( Resource: Fears of War as Sudan Talks Stall Juba — The President of the Republic H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit briefed President of the United States of America H.E Obama on the current political situation with Khartoum, recent clashes along the border between SAF and SPLA, status of the negotiations between Juba and Khartoum and the expected summit with President El-Bashir.

This was in a phone conversation yesterday evening. In his briefing President of the Republic appreciated steps taken by the US administration in providing assistance to the people of South Sudan and for pushing the negotiations forward for peace and stability in the two neighboring states.

President Kiir told his counterpart H.E Obama that he is still expecting President El-Bashir on 3rd April, 2012, in spite of the fact that El-Bashir announced publicly that he will not come to Juba, adding that if President Bashir proposed any place for the summit he is ready to go there.

H.E Kiir disclosed that the summit was for signing the agreement on citizenship and border demarcation, and it was also for discussing some issues to be recommended by the negotiating team.

H.E Kiir also explained to President Obama that SAF is invading oil fields so that Khartoum can export the oil of South Sudan by force. The SPLA repulsed SAF and captured Hijlij on self-defense. SPLA Forces were ordered immediately to pull out from Hijlij and they are now away from Hijlij by 10 km. President Kiir assured President Obama that until yesterday SAF aerial bombarding in the territories of South Sudan has not ceased.

"South Sudan is for peace and is not ready to go back to war, the people of South Sudan have suffered much and this is time for them to enjoy the fruit of peace with the resources they have", he said.

Concerning the situation in South Kordufan and other areas in the north, he said it was created by the Khartoum Government and it can be resolved. "Should our support is needed we are ready provide it", H.E Kiir explained.

President Kiir also told his US counterpart that he is ready to cooperate with the USA Ambassador on all these issues. President Kiir called on President Obama to put pressure on President El-Bashir saying that of President Bashir accepts not to take unilateral decision of taking South Sudan oil, then South Sudan is ready to resume oil production. H.E Kiir also called on President Obama to provide technical people to help building South Sudan institutions.

In conclusion H.E Kiir told President Obama that disarmament is going well in Jonglei state and that the process will cover all the ten states of South Sudan.

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