Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sudan Umma Party Leader Urges Utmost Support to SAF to Repulse SPLA

Sudan Vision News Daily


Umma Party Leader Urges Utmost Support to SAF to Repulse SPLA

Hana Abdel Hai and Najad Ahmed

South Sudan Army Should Unconditionally Withdraw From Heglig: Al Mahdi

Omdurman – National Umma Party leader, Al-Sadiq Al Mahdi, has declared full support to efforts by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) to repel attack launched by South Sudan’s SPLA against the oil-rich territory of Heglig.

Al-Mahdi, Sudan’s former Prime Minister; yesterday visited the Military Corps Hospital in Omdurman to inspect conditions of the soldiers who were wounded in military operations in Heglig and flown to the Military Corps for treatment.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the injured, Al-Mahdi called on the SPLA for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Heglig, saying visiting the wounded is a humanitarian duty.

Al-Mahdi, who visited the hospital accompanied by a large number of his party members, denounced South Sudan’s war rhetoric in the wake of attack on Heglig.

He directed a message to President Salva Kiir to the effect that war will not bring peace and security to South Sudan, urging him to immediately and unconditionally withdraw his forces from Heglig as continuity of fighting would ruin all the previous agreements.

Speaking at his Party’s monthly forum yesterday at his residence in Omdurman, Al-Mahdi lambasted calls for military coup at this particular juncture, citing similar cases in other countries.

Meanwhile, the National Umma Party announced a plan known as “National Salvation in Sudan” which, according to Al-Mahdi, is intended to bring about just and comprehensive peace as well as total democratic transformation in the country.

Sheikh Addin Shido, a well-known international jurist said the opposition’s unity after the attack on Heglig was unparallel, labeling Salva Kiir as Sudan’s enemy. He called on the political forces to support SAF to reclaim all territories.

In the same vein, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) declared its rejection of the SPLA’s attack on Heglig in Southern Kordofan.

The DUP, in statement a copy of which smc received, said Jihad has now become a national duty, stressing the need for unity of the internal front and full support to SAF and the Popular Defence Forces (PDF) to repulse aggression.

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