Saturday, December 15, 2012

200 Yau Yau Militia Surrender to South Sudan Army

Saturday 15 December 2012

Jonglei state: 200 of rebel Yau Yau’s militia surrender to S. Sudan army

December 14, 2012 (PIBOR) – The Jonglei state governor announced on Friday that 200 militiamen from rebel David Yau Yau’s forces have surrendered to the South Sudan army (SPLA) in Jonglei state’s Pibor county.

Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, made the announcement upon his completion of a two-day security related tour of the counties of Pibor, Duk and Ayod with British ambassador to South Sudan, Alatairs McPhail.

“Right now 200 rebel forces have surrendered themselves to SPLA forces in Pibor county – they are answering the South Sudan President’s amnesty,” said Manyang.

Yau Yau flip-flopped again and defected from the SPLA earlier this year after accepting president Salva Kiir’s amnesty to all militia groups in the country. Yau Yau and his troops have continued to operate against SPLA in Likangole payam [district] of Jonglei.

Yau Yau initially rebelled against South Sudan’s ruling party - the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) after elections in April 2010 when, as an independent candidate, he lost his campaign to represent the Gumuruk–Boma constituency of Pibor at the Jonglei State Assembly.

The overall SPLA commander of disarmament and Operation Restore Peace (ORP) in Jonglei, Kuol Deim Kuol, congratulated Maj-Gen Marshal Stephen and his team for successfully mediating peace with forces under the command of James Kuburin Ngere and SPLA troops operating in Pibor.

Kuol lauded Stephen “for the initiative which brought Kuburin and his group back to his people of South Sudan,” and welcomed Ngere and his forces into the SPLA.

Deim revealed that top secret discussion are ongoing between the SPLA and the rebels. He said he will ensure that groups under the command of Yau Yau will join the SPLA before the end of this year. He added that those rebels who join the SPLA will be protected by Kiir’s amnesty, which was offered during South Sudan independence day in 2011.

“The SPLA is also talking with another group in Jonglei state that may soon declare their coming back to the people of South Sudan before the end of this year.”

Juba has accused Khartoum of supporting Yau Yau’s rebellion; Khartoum denies the claim and counters it by accusing Juba of supporting rebels operating in Sudan. There is evidence to support both claims.

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