Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on "Heart of Africa" Radio Broadcast: 'The Politics of Elections'

The "Politics" Of Elections with Abayomi Azikiwe & George Shire

Hosted by Kudakwashe Cayenne

12 Dec 12

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On this week's edition of Heart of Africa we discussed "The "Politics" of Elections", stemming from Ghana's elections last week, extending to relevant continental dimensions.

Our guests are African Historian, Political Analyst & Editor of Pan African News Wire, ABAYOMI AZIKIWE ( & esteemed Zimbabwean academic, public intellectual and post-colonial critic, GEORGE SHIRE.

This is once again a very informative and thought provoking discussion that will direct the listener into in depth reflection on the purpose and structure of leadership selection in Africa - and hopefully assist in the positive advancement of Africa's leadership selection in times ahead.

Among matters discussed, we examined what "democracy" really is, and if the African "democracy" must be described in the context of Western or African oriented "democracy".

Ghana has been esteemed as a nation that is not only a model of "democracy" for Africa but the whole world. But in what context does that democracy exist? Who defines it? And how is it actualised?

We also examined other election scenarios like in Congo last year, in Kenya historically, and even issues surrounding the instating of a "white" vice-President in the Zambian leadership.

The show is concluded with biblical perspectives relevant to the selection and purpose of leaders at a national level. Heart of Africa is broadcasted live every Wednesday night at 2100 hours Central Africa Time (British Winter Time) or 2000 hours Central Africa Time (British Summer Time), on

It is dedicated to examining matters that affect Africa from a Pan-African Christian perspective, as we envisage the revival of the African dream.

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