Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fear and Tension Are High in Ufurow District In Southwest Somalia

Fear and tension are high in Ufurow district in south west Somalia

Mogadishu 16 dec -12

(— Reports from the district of Ufurow, which is part of Bay region in south west Somalia, say that tension between Somali government forces backed by Ethiopian forces and militants from Al-Shabab is running high in that area.

Ufurow was under the control of Al-Shabab but Somali government accompanied by Ethiopian forces entered that district yesterday though they withdrew from it later in the day.

Residents in the small town of Ufurow, who spoke to local media, say that there is a military build-up of both sides around the town though the situation is relatively calm now.

Meanwhile, residents have begun to flee from the town in fear of possible battle between Al-Shabab and Somali government inside the small town.

Al-Shabab, which was controlling much south and central Somalia, has now become a diminishing force after Somali government backed by forces from the African union mission and from neighboring countries militarily pushed the group out of major urban areas in south and central Somalia.

The group now uses suicide attacks and targeted assassinations against all those opposing its political program and ideology.

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