Thursday, December 13, 2012

Niger Again Rejects Libyan Rebels Request to Extradite Saadi Gaddafi

Niger again rejects Libya' request to extradite Saadi Khadaffi

Niger has again rejected a request by Libyan authorities to extradite Saadi Khadaffi, two of his Generals and 140 collaborators, sources said Thursday.

Local media said the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidane made the latest request on Wednesday at the end of a two-day visit to Niger which is Libya’s southern neighbour.

The Libyan Premier described the presence of the late Col. Khadaffi’s son and his collaborators as a “veritable threat” to his country.

Since the killing of Col. Khadaffi in October 2011, the new Libyan authorities have made several appeals to the Niger government to hand over Saadi Khadaffi who is wanted for alleged war crimes.

Sporadic upheavals by pro-Khadaffi loyalists in Libya over the months have been accused of benefitting from external support mainly by former Libyan military generals who managed to escape abroad.

Saadi Khadaffi’s two military Generals Abdallah Mansour and Ali Kana have no restriction on their movement in Niger unlike himself who is restricted to his “palace”.

In spite of several hunger strikes over the last one year to persuade the Niger leaders to lift the ban on his movement, the former Libyan leader’s son is home-bound.

Just recently, it is alleged that the Niger authorities have also curtailed his access to communication gadgets as well as receiving guests due to his open criticism against the host government for restricting his movement.

Saadi Khadaffi led the delegation which also includes his family and close relatives to flee to Niger last year following the killing of his father by local rebels who were supported by NATO forces.

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