Sunday, January 17, 2016

Xolani Koyana

CAPE TOWN - Chaotic scenes broke out in a section of Cape Town inner city after the notorious ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard was torn down by African National Congress (ANC) supporters.

Police were on the scene but did not act as the banner on Kloof Street was being torn down.

The poster was erected by a so-called private initiative as a form of protest.

A group of ANC supporters were allowed access to the building and while some pulled the billboard down from the roof, others cut it up through the windows.

They claimed the poster disrespected President Jacob Zuma.

The ANC’s Cape metro chair Xolani Sotashe demanded that the building’s management remove the remainder of the banner.

“We are giving you 24 hours to clear this thing here. Next time when we come here it’s not going to be nice.”

The group was also hostile and manhandled a man who shouted derogatory remarks against Zuma. 

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