Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SACP Gauteng Province Thanks the Working Class for Ignoring the DA Electioneering Gimmick Led by Alleged Drug Lord "Pastor" Musi Maimane
ANC and South African President Jacob Zuma.
16 April 2016

We thank the Gauteng working class and overwhelming majority of the people for rendering the DA's sheer electioneering protest march a miserable flop. The protest march that was billed as a watershed moment for DA's "triumph" and "victory" towards local government elections became a miserable failure.

The DA's sheer electioneering gimmick took place yesterday at the Constitutional Court in the City of Johannesburg, disguised as a ploy calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma.

As could be heard and seen from Maimane' s incoherent childish rantings against President Zuma and the ANC during the protest march, it is beyond doubt that the alleged drug lord Maimane was definitely doped.

The dismally failed "protest march"was led by the controversial Musi Maimane, DA leader and senior church "pastor" in whose pulpit it is alleged and rumoured that drugs were found.

As it is well known, this self-anointed paragon of highest morals was never cleared by any court of law and is yet to come clean on the bag of drugs found in his church.

As a senior DA leader and "pastor" in the church, Maimane cannot claim without a proper judicial process that he knew nothing about the drugs allegedly found in his pulpit.

Musi Maimane remains a tainted leader until he has discharged the onus to the contrary and cleared his name in a judicial process.

It is in this context that the SACP thanks the revolutionary and democratic people for ignoring the DA's pathetic electioneering stunt.

We call on the working class and the revolutionary people to defend and protect our historic and trusted ally, the African National Congress (ANC) with a decisive election victory in the local government elections to be held on the 03rd August 2016.

We remind the working class and our people that forward ever and backward (DA) never.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


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