Tuesday, June 07, 2016

South Sudan TV Goes Off Air
June 7, 2016 (JUBA) – State-owned television in South Sudan, the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), has gone off air due to the damage of broadcasting devices that are expensive and rare to buy locally, according to a local newspaper report confirmed by the station staffs.

Adel Faris, the director of South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation, formerly SSTV, told a local Arabic newspaper in an interview published on Tuesday that the management needs United 200,000 US dollars to purchase new devices.

“There are technical reasons that have forced SSBC to stop broadcasting as of 1:00PM on Monday including damages to broadcasting terrestrial and space devices,” said Faris, speaking to Almaugif Arabic language newspaper on Monday.

“[I know this] would deprive everyone in and outside the country [of] watch[ing] SSTV until the damage is processed,” he added.

He said that SSBC had requested more than USD 200,000 from the government for buying the new equipment, but no response. South Sudan state-owned TV is the sole provider of news on government in the country.

TV viewers were shocked on Monday when the TV failed to work at 8 o’clock in the evening — the time news is traditionally aired.

It is not clear whether or not the broadcasting service will resume on Tuesday or continue off air until further notice.


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