Friday, June 03, 2016

Sudan Warns Against Repeated Violations of Its Airspace
June 1, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - Sudanese army will deal with air planes belonging to international organisations that have repeatedly violated the Sudanese airspace during the last month of May, warned the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) on Wednesday.

"On 17 and May 20, aerial surveillance devices spotted the penetration of the Sudanese airspace by Ilyushin 76 aircrafts belonging to international and regional organizations without prior permission," said a short statement issued by SAF spokesperson Ahmed Khalifa al-Shami.

This constitutes "a flagrant violation of state sovereignty and a flagrant violation of the international norms, conventions and laws governing air traffic," al-Shami added.

"The Sudan Armed Forces will deal decisively with any aircraft that fails to follow the proper procedures to get a prior permission as a legitimate target," the statement further stressed.

The Illyushin 76 is a Russian transport aircraft used for civil and military purposes. United Nations agencies use to deliver humanitarian assistance to the different countries.


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