Sunday, July 03, 2016

Somalia: Al Shabaab Mortar Attack Leaves Four Dead in Baidoa
BAIDOA, Somalia-Four innocent civilians lost their lives and twenty others have been injured after Al Shabaab militants fired a barrage of mortar rounds onto residential areas before dawn prayers, Garowe Online reports.

Officials at Southwest State Security Ministry said Saturday that Hawlwadaag and Wadajir neighborhoods came under heavy mortar shelling during Sahur--time for meals eaten before dawn.

Pro-Al Shabaab media reported that militants struck neighborhoods across Southwestern Baidoa town, hitting military bases.

60th Somali army base is situated a few meters away from the mortar-hit neighborhoods.

A family of 6 lost three members to the mortar attack, medics and Southwest officials said.

Somali government troops, African Union peacekeepers and paramilitary units loyal to Southwest State Administration conducted search operations in peripheral areas suspected to have served as a Launchpad for the deadly raid in the early hours of the morning.

Allied forces also launched a manhunt to apprehend assailants, local media reported; citing security sources. Al Shabaab steps up terror assaults during the holy month of the Ramadan.


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