Monday, July 25, 2016

The Struggle Continues and Victory is Certain
Submitted by AAPRP on Fri, 07/22/2016 - 2:49am

2016- 506 killed by the police, 26 police killed. Thousands March for African Lives

We will not apologize for resistance against oppression

Crudely put, the global capitalist system and its propaganda arm, the media, is “Pissing on us telling us its rain.” According to them we are to stop our resistance when police get killed.  Police, who serve as the first line of security of the capitalist class, are waging war on us globally.

In the U.S. the police lost 26, this year. Yet the police have killed more than 506 to date in 2016, more than half are non-white: 126 Africans, 79 Latina, 25 women and 66 not indentified at all. In the U.S. the indigenous (native peoples) who make up .08% of the population are killed at a rate about 20 times more than Europeans. The All African People’s Revolutionary Party is clear our resistance is our humanity.  We will not apologize for resistance against oppression. Thousands of people answered the call that “All African Lives Matter” keeping the resistance going and growing  demonstrations in the U.S. in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, L.A., Oakland, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, New York, etc. and globally, Azania/South Africa, Britain, Germany, Ireland and more.

The All African People’s Revolutionary Party is clear our resistance is part of our humanity. African people’s resistance is fierce and unending. We resisted in Africa exemplified by Queen Nzingha in Angola refusing to accept Portuguese colonialism, and our Sister Queen Nehanda leading the fight against the British in Zimbabwe. We fought on slave ships and in the western hemisphere where Africans rose up against slavery—with more than 200 recorded revolts. Africans established maroon societies everywhere from Jamaica to Columbia, from Brazil to Louisiana. Harriet Tubman alone led over 200 Africans from slavery. Hundreds of Africans fought against slavery in 1770’s on the side of the British. Africans liberated the entire island of Haiti from the French and Spain.  Africans demanded to fight in the U.S. civil war and when we joined the war, chattel slavery was crushed. We fought settlers-regimes side by side with indigenous nations (Seminoles defeated General Jackson for 40 years) in the Americas; we fought to end Spanish and Portuguese imperialism and slavery in South America supplying weapons, money and soldiers to Simon Bolivar.

African people and people’s of the global south history’s are clear; the establishment of the police grew out of a structure designed for maintaining slavery and protecting the Europeans settlers stolen properties and when chattel slavery was ended and capitalism established racist colonies and settler-colonial regimes in the Americas and Africa, police then became the protectors of private property stolen from indigenous peoples and the controllers of our labor. It is open season on the killing of African people from the racist capitalist system’s point of view. We see the resistance of African Youth today in U.S. on CNN and Fox News who broadcast around the globe, largely, because of social media. The media can’t ignore the viral videos – police murder caught on camera. The media has to give us the spin, the falsified narratives telling us not to believe our own eyes. Their lies criminalize the victim, they smoked weed, they had an arrest, they were mentally ill. Yet what is more important is what police killings the media leaves out. Other youth were killed by police in the last few weeks, a young Jhonata Dalber Matos Alves, a 16 year old in Brazil  - other youth in the Caribbean and Mexico, Latinos, and youth in Palestine.

Police enforce racist Jim Crow laws in the United Stated, racist Apartheid laws in South Africa and racist Zionist laws in Israel (occupied Palestine). Unequal drug sentencing isn’t anything but the new Jim Crow and Zionism isn’t anything but more apartheid. Police are a product of capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy all over the world. The A-APRP a small, but global organization, knows the system fears that we will make the connection, that there are more of us than them and that through Pan-African international consciousness and organization their systems of modern slavery and colonization (capitalism and imperialism) are finished.

The A-APRP calls for a global coalition against the military police prison industrial complex. This requires us to take our resistance for African Lives from solidarity across borders and oceans to organization across borders and oceans, from massive mobilizations to permanent organization. The A-APRP repeats the words of Kwame Ture “Organize! Organize! Organize! Join an organization working for your people.” Join the A-APRP we offer serious disciplined work and study for our people. Those organizations already doing this work must come together and step up their came. ‘The Struggle Continues; Victory is Certain’

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