Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zuma Visits Eastern Cape as Part of ANC Election Campaign
South African and African National Congress President, Jacob Zuma visited East London on Friday, as part of the ANC’s Municipal elections campaign.

Zuma visited the location of Duncan Village, just outside of East London, were he conducted a door-to-door campaign to hear some of their grievances and then he addressed a large group of ANC supporters who were draped in the party’s colours at the Duncan Village hall.

The most notable grievances that were expressed to Zuma were by the elderly members on the lack of houses. One of the elderly residents said that there aren’t enough quality houses for everyone.

“We don’t have enough houses here in Duncan Village. Families have to squeeze into one room shacks which is a real concern,” the elderly member said.

Zuma told the residents that the ANC-led government has already made concise plans to build more houses nationwide in the near future.

“The ANC government has made plans to build more houses for our people in the near future,” Zuma said.

Addressing the crowd, he reminded supporters of the work that the ANC has done in the past.

“The African National Congress has a proven track record and has led the liberation struggle for our people,” said Zuma.

“This party has produced heroes and heroines for this country of ours.”

Zuma also urged supporters to cone out in their numbers to vote for the ANC on August 3.

“On the 3rd of August there will be three ballot papers, on the first one vote for ANC, on the second one vote ANC and on the third one vote ANC,” he said.

Zuma will move on to Port Elizabeth and address members of the Zwide township at Dan Qeqe stadium on Saturday.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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