Monday, August 08, 2016

ANC Western Cape to Discuss Outcomes of Elections
August 8, 2016

The African National Congress(ANC) in the Western Cape will host a special Provincial Executive Committee meeting in Cape Town on Monday to discuss the outcomes of the 2016 Municipal Elections.

The ANC in the province saw a decline of 7% in overall support in the province, dropping from 33.65% attained in 2011 to 26.22%. The party managed to get 223 seats however was unable to secure any councils.

“On the day of election, we stood tall, satisfied that we gave this election our best, and that our people know our noble intents, they know our sense of urgency about these intents and they know that they are at the center of these intents,” said ANC Provincial Secretary Faiz Jacobs on Sunday.

The ANC said it is happy with its performance in its traditional stronghold along with the Wards and Municipalities that they have reclaimed from the Democratic Alliance.

The party congratulated performance in Hessequa Municipality and 6 other Municipalities where they have ensured there is no outright majority for the DA.

However Jacobs mentioned that the ANC needed to do more in order to encourage its supporters to go out on election day and vote instead of staying away from the polls.

“We must also acknowledge that some of our members are not into the habit of waking up early to go and vote, which effectively means their vote risks being lost, easily handing over these Wards and Municipalities to oppositions, their Wards to those who do wake up early and vote,” said Jacobs.

The ANC on Sunday also congratulated opposition parties for participating in largely safe and violence free campaigns.

The PEC meeting is scheduled to discuss coalitions in the municipalities that were not won with an outright majority and the way forward for the next 5 years of Local Government.

“We are looking forward to a few Coalitions in a number of regions where there was no outright winner and we will announce those municipalities once such coalitions have been finalized,” said Jacobs.

–Siphiwe Mchunu

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