Monday, August 08, 2016

COSATU Northern Cape Statement on the Local Government Elections Outcomes
8 August 2016

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape congratulates the ANC on the outstanding performance in the recent local government elections. This has indeed been the most difficult and strenuous period in the history of our liberation.

The recent elections are a true testimony that a united tripartite alliance can achieve a lot on behalf of our people and in defence of democracy. Therefore it is worth congratulating the alliance partners for the sterling work that they have done in defence of the ANC.

Although we fell short of achieving the target that we set for ourselves as the alliance, the outcomes are pleasing as the ANC has emerged as a majority party even though we did not attain outright majority.

The return of Hantam, Karoo Hogland, Thembelihle and Kheis municipalities to the ANC rule is a clear indication that the people pin their hopes on the ANC. They have realised that the opposition does not have the capacity to deliver a better life for them. The people have given the ANC a clear mandate to accelerate service delivery and intensify the fight against corruption at all levels.

We are however concerned that we have not been able to attain outright majority in three municipalities albeit being the majority party. We view this as a protest from the ANC members and the supporters and need to prioritise a programme of listening to this loud voice of the people. We are quite confident that the ANC as the movement of the people will listen to this cry and respond accordingly.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the volunteers of the ANC who worked in the scorching sun doing door, convincing the voters to vote for the ANC. We also thank the workers who sacrificed their annual leave in order to defend the ANC. Their good work and immeasurable commitment to the movement of the people did not go unnoticed.

The ball is in the ANC’s court now and it is up to the deployed cadres of the movement to fulfil the mission of a better life for all or betray our glorious movement. We urge the councillors of the ANC to hit the ground running and be the real servants of the people.

Issued by the Provincial Secretary on behalf of the PEC:
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