Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ANC Youth League to Release a Series of Open Letter to Cabinet Ministers
12 September 2016

The African National Congress Youth League has taken a decision, and has already begun, to initiate a series of Open Letters to Cabinet Members on the subject of the implementation of ANC policy resolutions. All of these open letters have been flowing and will continue to flow from the pen of our Secretary-General, Comrade Njabulo Nzuza.

This decision is motivated by the twin objectives of putting political pressure on government to fast track the implementation of radical interventions at the level of state policy and the need to assert a policy-centered discourse. We have set ourselves the task of generating critical discourse both inside the movement and in public discourse around strategic policy matters that must inform the thinking and actions of the ANC into the future.

In this regard the Open Letters arise as part of our broad strategy to assert the ANCYL as a critical driving force in the re-engineering of the ANC as an effective strategic political center at the driving seat of the National Democratic Revolution.

The ANC Youth League has noted the mischievous reactions, by some sections of our polity, to our first open letter to the Minister of Higher Education. Some have elected to misinterpret our action through the opportunistic lenses of an imaginary factional battle that we are supposedly mounting against selected members of our government. We reject this nonsensical proposition for the shallowness that informs it.

The ANC Youth League will continue to publicly engage on matters of public policy with all Ministers whose work coincides with strategic perspectives of our congresses as contained in resolutions. This is not the same as engagement on internal organisational challenges that we still insist must be taken up in ANC platforms. We therefore see no contradiction between our Open Letters on public policy and our principled call to close ranks and discuss organizational differences only in ANC structures.

Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth Leaguel

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