Friday, September 16, 2016

Armed Groups Breach Truce Regime 44 Times During the Past 24 Hours in Syria
16 September، 2016

Provinces, SANA- The armed groups breached the truce regime 44 times during the last 24 hours by targeting citizens and a number of military positions with machinegun fire and shells in Damascus, Damascus Countryside, Aleppo, Lattakia, Homs, Quneitra, and Hama, according to a military source.

Earlier on Friday, the military source said the breaches reached 16 during the past 20 hours, with armed groups targeting civilians and military positions in the villages of Khirbet al-Soda and Kafr Nan and the surroundings of Tasnin village in Homs province’s northern countryside with shells and machinegun fire.

The source said that the armed groups breached the truce regime 2 times in Jobar neighborhood in Damascus and 2 times in Bala village and the Agricultural Institute in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

The source added that the armed groups breached the truce 2 times in Jami’et al-Zahra’a neighborhood in Aleppo City and 3 times in al-Hamadaniye, al-Ramousa, and Khan al-Asal areas in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Meanwhile, 4 breaches took place in Roisit Rasho, Sher al-Daba’a, and Ayn al-Bida areas in Lattakia countryside.

The army thwarts terrorists’ infiltration attempt in Damascus

A military source announced that the armed terrorist groups breached the truce regime by an infiltration attempt and attacking a number of military posts in Jobar east of Damascus on Friday.

This breach, according to the source, necessitated an appropriate response by the army units operating in the area where it inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and equipment.

Three civilians injured in terrorist attacks in Damascus

Provinces, SANA- Three civilians were injured and material damage were caused in terrorist attacks with rocket shells on al-Qaboun residential neighborhood and al-Abasiyeen area on Friday, in a new breach by the armed groups for the truce regime which came into effect on Sept 12.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that terrorists targeted al-Qaboun neighborhood with a rocket shell, leaving three persons injured, as they launched other five shells landed in the vicinity of al-Khumasia Company in al-Abassiyeen area, causing only material damage.

Two civilians injured in terrorist sniper shooting in Kefraya town

Two civilians were injured in terrorist sniper shooting on the locals of the terrorists-besieged Kefraya town in the northern countryside of Idleb province on Friday.

Local sources told SANA that the snipers of the terrorist armed groups positioned in Maaret Masreen shot on the locals of Kefraya town, causing the injury of two young men in the second and third decades of life.

The two towns of al-Foua and Kefraya are repeatedly targeted by terrorist attacks and snipers of Takfiri organizations leaving victims among civilians mostly women and children.

Girl killed, four others injured in breach of truce by armed groups in Quneitra countryside

One girl was killed and four others, two of them children, were injured when armed groups breached the truce regime by targeting Hadar village and Khan Arnaba town in Quneitra province with mortar and artillery shells.

A source at Quneitra Police Command told SANA reporter that armed groups fired several mortar shells in homes in Khan Arnaba town, killing a young girl and causing severe injuries to a four-year-old girl child, in addition to causing material damage to public and private properties.

Earlier today, the source said that the armed groups positioned in Jubata al-Khashab fired 11 mortar and artillery shells on the houses of Hadar village, injuring three persons, one of them is a child, and causing material damage.

The source added that the armed groups also targeted Khan Arnaba and al-Baath City with mortar shells and machinegun fire, causing material damage to houses and properties.

Material damage to Syriac Catholic Church in Aleppo due to rocket attack

The armed groups targeted on Friday al-Aziziah neighborhood in Aleppo city with a rocket shell, casing material damage to the Syriac Catholic Church building.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorists fired a rocket shell that landed on the second floor of the Syriac Catholic Church, causing material damage to the church on the outskirts of al-Aziziah neighborhood.

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