Tuesday, September 13, 2016

KCNA Commentary Slams U.S. Artifice to Cover Up Its True Colors as Nuclear Criminal
Pyongyang, September 12 (KCNA) -- The true colors of the U.S. as a nuclear criminal are being brought to light in succession.

The Western media including the U.S. reported recently that the U.S. administration is busy conducting an "operation" to build up public opinion warning China of the danger of development of nuclear weapons by Japan and south Korea in a bid to hold in check the DPRK's nuclear development.
It was reported that U.S. Vice-President Joseph Baiden "advised" a Chinese high-ranking official at talks in last June that Japan might set about developing nukes in case Beijing fails to proactively buckle down to resolving the nuclear issue of the DPRK.
U.S. officials concerned with security vied with each other in uttering that "Obama would stress at the G20 summit to be held in Hangzhou, China the DPRK's nuclear development might cause Japan and south Korea to develop nukes."
This only betrays the deceptive trick of the U.S. to cover its criminal nature as a world nuclear proliferator and divert the attention of the international community elsewhere.
Not content with making Japan and south Korea awash with its strategic and tactical nuclear weapons as the case is same with Europe and the Middle East, the U.S. is prodding its allies into nuclear weaponization.
It turned Japan and south Korea into the world's biggest nuclear arsenals by systematically introducing and deploying nukes in the middle of the last century, i.e. long before the DPRK's access to them.
It introduced nukes into south Korea in 1950 and turned it into a nuclear arsenal stockpiled with over 1 720 nukes in the middle of the 1980s.
It worked out a policy on deploying nukes in Japan in the 1950s and made with the Japanese authorities a secret agreement on permitting its introduction of nukes into Japan.
Washington has reached its extreme phase in its nuclear arms buildup by zealously egging its allies on to develop nuclear weapons.
It helped Japan stockpile plutonium enough to manufacture thousands of nuclear weapons by overlooking its moves to stockpile plutonium since long before.
It handed over 201 technological documents useful for designing, simulating and manufacturing A-bomb to south Korea via the Combustion Engineering Company. It concluded an agreement with south Korea, paving the way for the puppet forces to conduct uranium enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear fuel and to develop means for nuclear delivery.
South Korean experts are now openly claiming that south Korea placed the tenth in its capability to make nukes, adding that it is capable of making one nuke in three months and that its uranium enriching technology is at the "world's level".
It was none other than the U.S. that compelled the DPRK to have access to nuclear weapons by pursuing the worst-ever nuclear war policy towards the DPRK.
It is the height of shamelessness for the U.S. to talk about someone's "responsibility."
Its real aim is to realize its hegemonic ambition in the Asia-Pacific from A to Z.
Its scenario is to evade the responsibility for pushing the DPRK to its access to nukes and its nuclear muscle-flexing and, at the same time, to spark a new nuclear arms race in the Asia-Pacific by instigating its allies.
No country in the region will be taken in by such sleight of hand employed by the U.S.

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