Friday, September 09, 2016

Zimbabwe President Mugabe Rubbishes ZHRC Lies
September 10, 2016
Felex Share Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mugabe yesterday rubbished as “absolute falsehoods” claims by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission that Government officials were distributing food on a partisan basis. Addressing the Zanu-PF Central Committee in Harare, President Mugabe said the Commission was seeking international attention to please those angling for instability in Zimbabwe.This comes as the United States, one of the alleged funders of the violent demonstrations by opposition elements in the past weeks, yesterday issued a statement welcoming the ZHRC’s “investigations” into the distribution of food assistance along political party lines.

ZHRC chairperson Mr Elasto Mugwadi this week claimed Zanu-PF members were denying those in opposition parties food aid.

He said this was proved by investigations they had carried out in Bikita East, Buhera North, Mazowe Central and Muzarabani North and South as well as Zvimba South.

However, President Mugabe said: “And the information which some stupid people and stupid spokesman of, is it human rights (Commission) that comes out to say grain is distributed along party lines is completely false, absolutely false! If grain is going to party people and only to them, how are the others surviving there? Kungoda kuita maheadlines chete internationally and havanyare vanhu vanotaura nhema dzakadaro.

“Nditwo twumari twavanopihwa. Shame! I am sure we all must salute ourselves on the work we are doing in this disregard. Our Labour Minister (Prisca Mupfumira) will explain to us (Central Committee members) the processes and position. But for now, we still are faced with the drought and hunger in a number of places and so we continue to distribute grain to all areas worst affected by drought to ensure that no one starves.”

President Mugabe urged farmers to take heed of the favourable weather forecast announced by experts and start preparing for the forthcoming agricultural season.

“Government has embarked on command agriculture as part of the efforts we are making to increase our chances of a good harvest next year,” he said.

“Last year was a bad year because of poor rains. We understand that indications that are coming from those who study the weather are that 2016 /17 season might be better, but whatever fortunes and misfortunes, we have to prepare the land. We hope this command agriculture programme will be massive and effective enough so as to give us the results that we are planning for.”

Minister Mupfumira this week said Government was currently sitting on 260 000 tonnes of maize that would last up to next March.

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