Wednesday, September 14, 2016

During a Parliamentary session, President Zuma bemoaned being persistently ridiculed by opposition parties.

Natalie Malgas
Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN – President Jacob Zuma has called on Parliament to keep its members in line before he addresses the house in future.

During a Parliamentary question and answer session yesterday, Zuma bemoaned the persistent ridicule by opposition parties.

The president says it's difficult for him to fulfill his constitutional obligations under a barrage of insults and name-calling by some Members of Parliament (MPs).

Zuma says the constant mocking he faces from some MPs cannot be considered Parliamentary.

“Each time when I come here I’m abused. I think this house must do something about it.”

This comes after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) excused itself from the sitting, refusing to be addressed by a president it labelled as a thief and criminal.

“We’re going to leave this house, but we’ll wait outside. When the criminal finishes speaking, we’re coming back,” EFF leader Julius Malema said.

The DA’s John Steenhuizen also commented on the remarks by the EFF.

“The court was clear that it’s fair comment to say that the president stole money. Somebody who steals money is a thief.”

Zuma’s question and answer session was first marred by Cope’s Willie Madisha disputing the president’s ‘honour’.

The president now wants Parliament to deal with the matter.

“I always come here and face people who are not respecting the House, in my view.”

The president’s presence in the National Assembly also resulted in EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu being asked to leave the chamber after he refused to let the president speak.

The entire EFF caucus subsequently left during the question and answer session.

Minority party, the Congress of the People, also made a low-impact exit during the early stages of today’s proceedings.

After Zuma finished answering questions, the House debated the state of affairs at the South African Airways, which had been called for by the EFF.

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