Friday, December 16, 2016

December 16, 2016
Updates by Simiso Mlevu, Vusumuzi Dube and Costa Mano
Zimbabwe Herald

1726: The day’s sessions have come to an end and we conclude our updates. We will continue with our updates tomorrow. Thank you for joining us.

1719: Dr Ignatius Chombo is now on the podium and is announcing the Thematic Committees and the people chairing it.

1718: Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya thanks the President for setting up the Women’s Bank.

1717: Dr Gumbo has finished his address.

1714: Dr Gumbo continues with his address and narrates details regards some of the roads that have been rehabilitated in the rural areas.

1708: Dr Gumbo has finished his address and Cde Mupfumira is now on the podium and explains the food security situation in the country.

1707: Dr Gumbo says Air Zimbabwe has new and dedicated management which is committed to  success.

1705: Transport Minister Dr Joram Gumbo invited to the podium. Harare International International Airport to be renamed Robert Mugabe International Airport.

1656: “The roads leading to the site where the new Parliament will be built are currently being worked on. According to our Zim-Asset target we aimed at constructing 330 368 houses, we have now embarked on an ambitious housing project working with the finance Ministry focusing initially with the civil service. We have also come up with the youth housing scheme as we work towards our youths owning their own property.

“We are also noting that most of of our centres need urban renewal to accommodate more people.Let us avoid taking land for personal enrichment. We have started a programme to reintroduce more public transport in our urban areas,”

 1653: Cde Kasukuwere is now addressing the delegates as Minister of Local Government.

1650: Minister of Agriculture Dr Made is now making a presentation regarding his ministry. He says with regards to Maize, the ministry is on target and there is enough on stock to feed the nation for the next 18 months.

“Under the Presidential Input Scheme, we are now running the depot inputs for the second season. I don’t have much to say with regards to Command Agriculture.  But we need to speed up the distribution of top dressing fertiliser under Command Agriculture.  As VP Mnangagwa has already mentioned, we are going to deal with abuse of Command Agriculture inputs,”

1640: Minister of Small to Medium Enterprises Sithembiso Nyoni says they have assisted 1 967 SMEs to access markets in the region.

“Funding for SMEs is improving which is encouraging and we will ensure that 50% of funding goes to women”

1635: He laments the scourge of smuggling and says they will continue to dialogue with neighbouring countries.

1631: “Our average capacity utilisation has been going down but in 2016, we saw a 13% increase. This is because of the raft measures put in place by government like the recently introduced Statutory Instrument regulating importation of basic commodities”.

Tongaat Hullet is now considering exporting sugar due to Government’s initiatives. We have seen some companies that were exporting to Zimbabwe but have actually set up shop in the country,”

1629: VP Mnangagwa has invited Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha to make a presentation. Cde Bimha says he will focus on the manufacturing sector.

1626: “We cannot legalise makorokoza because there are people who are legally mandate to mine where these makorokoza are mining,”

Ministry of Mines has set aside $60 million for Lupane gas project.

1625: He calls for the expropriation of land from mines that are holding onto land without using it.

1624: He says the mining sector accounts for 55,94% of export receipts. Cde Chidhakwa calls for the adoption of the Mines and Minerals Act saying the country’s weakest point was the diamond mining sector which performed below 2015 levels.

1617: Cde Mnangagwa has now invited the Minister of Mines Cde Walter Chidhakwa.

1616: Cde Chinamasa has finished his address.

1612: “Our economy is now on the revival.path. Let us eat, sleep and drink production as it is the key to the revival of the economy.. We have eight months supply of reserve maize which we got through imports and our local farmers….we also welcome the STEM initiative.

“We concluded a BOT concession on the Harare to Beitbridge dualisation and we will also conclude the Harare to Chirundu BOT concession…on Monday we completed the completion of Tokwe Mukosi dam. We are also developing an irrigation Masterplan that will open 26 000 hectares to irrigation using Tokwe Mukosi,”

1605: VP Mnangagwa has invited Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to inform the delegates on the state of the economy.

1601: Cde Ramaphosa has finished his address and VP Mnangagwa, who is the chairperson today, is now addressing the delegates.

1554: He lauds President Mugabe’s message on unity and corruption.

“When you spoke of corruption, it was like you are addressing ANC. When you spoke about corruption, it was like you were talking to us. When you talked of factionalism, it was like you are addressing us in the ANC. As we leave this conference, we are better people,”

1550: He says Zimbabwe left its imprint on the South African constitutional architecture because the Harare Declaration of 1989 set the framework for that country’s constitution. The Harare document assisted them to negotiate and bring to an end the apartheid system in South Africa. Cde Ramaphosa says that it was in Harare that African leaders said South Africa was going to be a democratic state which ensures that all South Africans enjoy freedom no matter the race.

“President Mugabe among other African Statesmen contributed to democracy that South Africa is enjoying today. More than ever before, we need to work together. This vision of a prosperous South Africa and the people of Zimbabwe is a dream shared by our people. Today, the Continent looks to this conference as to how together we can build a better life for the people,”

1546: He says the economies of both country are at a weak level and the conference should remind them of the responsibilities they have as revolutionary parties to the people of their countries.

“We derive our legitimacy as leaders only by placing the needs of the people above our own. This conference coincides with the commemorations of Umkhonto Wesizwe which fought along one of the revolutionary parties here in Zimbabwe,”

1539: South Africa and ANC vice president Cyril Ramaphosa is now on the podium.

1535: The representative says she is grateful for the invitation extended to the Frelimo party. She says they are confident that the conference will come up with important decisions  that will undoubtedly impact on the economy of Zimbabwe. She says Zanu PF has fought for the rights of Zimbabweans and continues to do so.

1528: VP Mnangagwa has now invited a representative from Frelimo.

1526: Cde Chimurenga detailed the relationship between December 12 Movement and Cuba. He describes the late Cuban revolutionary as an icon. He urges Zimbabwe to heed the words of the commander in chief when he said “Zimbabwe will never be a colony again”

1519: Cde Chimurenga says they’ve crossed the Atlantic oceans a thousand times and are prepared to do it a thousand times over to attend the Zanu-PF conference. He says whenever Harare calls the December 12 Movement answers. He blasts Pastor Evan Mawarire describing him as a traitor and says when they heard that he was coming to embarrass President Mugabe at the United Nations General Assembly they decided to confront him. Cde Chimurenga says Mawarire, the Greencard Traitor, did not know that New York City is the home turf of the December 12 Movement and they ensured they (Mawarire and his team) ran like dogs.

1511: VP Mnangagwa is back on the podium and has invited Cde Coltran Chimurenga of the December 12 Movement.

1503: Cde Kasukuwere is now on the podium and has invited the Mbare Chimurenga Choir to entertain the delegates.

1459: He moves the motion to take note of the keynote address of the President Mugabe. VP Mnangagwa urges the delegates to read the Central Committee report and announces that there shall be solidarity messages from December 12 Movement, Frelimo and the ANC.

1457: “Our party is from the people and must continue to serve the people through servant leadership,”

1456: “Your Excellency we commend the progressive strides made in the education sector…discipline is the foundation on which genuine success will be achieved….you’ve encouraged us that there is need for zero tolerance on corruption..we pledge to address it head on…the party and Government will not hesitate to take measures to stop this vice of corruption,”

1451: He lauds President Mugabe’s clarification on the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act which will make the country a favourable investment destination. He informs the delegates that the inputs being distributed under Command Agriculture are under cost recovery and those who abuse the inputs will be arrested and prosecuted.

1446: VP Mnangagwa says the choice of this year’s venue being the cultural ancient city of Masvingo is not mere coincide that both Zanu-PF party logo and name of the country derives from the city.

1443: “Cde delegates the Zanu-PF logo is inscribed the words Unity, Peace and Development which bears ample testimony of the tenets of the country’s founding fathers,”

1441: VP Mnangagwa is now on the podium and says he counts it as an honour to stand before the August gathering and give the Vote of Thanks as well as move the motion to take note of the President’s keynote speech.

1427: President Mugabe has finished his address.

1426: “We have our ZimAsset programme to work on. Let us ensure that these programmes succeed.  We have succeeded through ZimAsset and individually as we always do.  We can fight and argue but Zanu-PF will always be strong. People will always come back to Zanu-PF. . . we should always move forward with peace.  We should always move forward in peace and unity.

President Mugabe now submitting the Central Committee report to the People’s Conference. He has handed over the report to VP Mnangagwa.

1421: “For goodness sake it does not help to get newspapers to settle our disputes..toti ana Day 1 vozive zvirikuitika muparty…hatidi izvozvo. Mabopoto mamwe hatimazive akuiswa mumabepa izvozvi..zvimwe hazvina news zvinoti zvikabata kanyaya aka zvoti nako, torega kusevenzeswa, tukashaya izvozvi hatwuna dzimwe nyaya twunobva twafa, twoda kuongorora zvoitika muZanu-PF and that what gives life to these papers that deserve to go to the bin,”

1417: “We should not settle matters in our party through Twitter and Facebook..this here is a very important forum of the party,”

1412: “There is a new culture of indiscipline in the party by some of the members who are here. They do what they want. There is even contempt and arrogance…tumwe twacho hanzi VaMugabe hatichivade, zvino zvausasavade wati zvoitwa seiko iwe doesn’t matter kuti uri ani. Whether you are a former detainee or a veteran or a member with no standing in the party you should always know how things are done.

“Hukuru mu party unouya nekusarudzwa, hauuyi nekuti toda kupindawo mosunda uyu..ndopfungwa dzine vanhu here?. Let us ensure as we go into 2017 we’re united, we’re clear in our mind, we know the rules of the party and we abide by them,”

1404: “There has not been regime change and there shall not be regime change. We still have to fight all the same to protect our gains so that we are not inhibited in what we try to do in Zim-Asset. We have been able to feed our people and we continue the task of ensuring that noone dies of hunger. We thank those who were looking for food for the people.

“As we look at the weather now the situation is more promising and we know that if our people are well fed they have at least a measure of their own earnings from their own harvest,”

1358: “ZviParty zvinongo muka zvinongo zengerera sezvitoto….kuti unzwe pfungwe dzavanadzo dzakadzama pamusoro pezve nyika hapana..They’ve practically no ideas, practically no principles and therefore practically no thinking of how this country can be transformed and how it can have its economy transformed,”

1353: “We must be able to look at the party from above and from below and also side ways. Provinces and districts have have organs which made resolutions which they have brought here. If we look at the party from each every angle of one of us, shall we then say we have met and discussed.

“All these collated views must in the final analysis reconcile and find consolidation, expression and oneness in our resolutions, resolutions which will guide us in the year to come,”

1350: “At this conference, we anticipate, robust, frank and informed discussions and informing committees and Ministers presentations. Apart from discussing the economy, our conference will look at the state of the party especially the year gone by. Whilst different organs of the party occasionally meet to review, it is a forum like this one which offers holistic introspection,”

1347: “Our conference is taking place at a time when the heavens have happily opened blessing us with showers that point to a good agricultural season. The rains have thus blessed us with cool weather, one that is ideal for us to engage in deliberation regards our theme.As delegates we expected to.actively debate so we contribute towards the country’s economic development,”

1344: President Mugabe acknowledges the many people that have traveled long distances to Masvingo. A venue which is offered reverence. President Mugabe has also welcomed revolutionary parties that are in attendance saying the spirit that binds them today is the same spirit that bound them during the liberation struggle.

1341:  Zanu-PF First Secretary and President Cde Robert Mugabe is now giving his keynote speech. President Mugabe welcomes South Africa Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa

1332: Cde Mphoko has now asked President Mugabe to give his keynote address.

1330: Cde Mphoko says this is an ordinary conference and neither an elective conference nor an elective congress.

“We’re not gathered to elect people to office….the succession theory that is being mooted undermines the principle of exposes a spirit of individualism. The unity of the people of Zimbabwe, which you signed for with the late Dr Joshua Nkomo is being threatened. Anyone who pushes the successionist debate is a rebel.

“VP Mphoko says Zimbabwe was liberated by two liberation movements, that is Zanla and Zipra which operated as military wings for Zanu and PF Zapu. I have been told to introduce you to the delegates but I will be surprised if there is any Zimbabwean who does not know you President Mugabe,”

1323: Cde Mnangagwa has called on Second Secretary and Vice President Cde Phelekezela Mphoko to welcome the gathered delegates.

1314: The Midlands has made its introductions.

1312: Dr Chombo, a delegate from Mashonaland West himself invites the province to make introductions. He calls it Mashonaland Best.

1311: Manicaland Province is next being joined by senior party officials inclusive of Cdes Patrick Chinamasa and Joseph Made.

1310: Mashonaland Central announce their presence with a song, Tiriparwendo naGushungo, Hatidi ndonda pakufamba.

1309: Matabeleland South is the next province to make the introductions and they do so with a song, Gushungo liqhawe lendoda egwaza ngoMkhonto (Gushungo is a spear warrior). Matabeleland South province got the South African delegation excited who joined them in singing their Gushungo praise song

1308: Matabeleland South is next with the chairperson Cde Rapelani Choene reciting the slogan in Sotho.

1306: Mashonaland East Province thunders with the song Hatirambe, tinobvuma. Some of the luminaries from this Province are Dr Sekeramayi, Cde Mutinhiri.

1302: Cde Chombo is now calling on each province to introduce themselves by chanting party slogans.

1253: She says Masvingo continues to work as a strong players in tourism and mining.

“Your Excellency, takatarisana nenyaya yeZimAsset and 10 point plan that you endlessly preach about, Tokwe Mukosi has been completed. Oh what a wonderful achievement by you.

“Cde President, I don’t want to lie to you, if it was not for the First Lady, this country would have gone. They brought back the country in 10 days. Amai nemadzimai avo vakadzosa nyika weather you like or not.”

1250: “Great Zimbabwe is the name of the country and that should not be taken for granted….Cde President let me remind you in 2003 when members adopted a resolution to leave the Commonwealth as hostile Western nations intensified their onslaught on us…in 2005 was a victory built on the backdrop of the land reform,”

1246:  Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Masvingo Shuvai Mahofa is now addressing the conference. She says she is delighted that they meet again as a party in Masvingo. She says Masvingo as the oldest city has protected and nurtured the country’s traditions as symbolised by the Great Zimbabwe ruins.

1242: Cde Nenjani also congratulates the party for opening the Chitepo Ideological College and assures delegates that the Masvingo will remain a Zanu PF territory.

1236: Second Secretary and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now on the podium and will chair today’s deliberations. VP Mnangagwa invites invites Zanu PF provincial chair Amasa Nhenjana to make his address.

1229: Zanu PF secretary for administration Dr Chombo takes to the podium.

1222: Secretary for Women’s Affairs First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe says they, as the Women’s League, they have come up with new designs for the party’s regalia.

1215: Josiah Hungwe takes onto the dance floor dancing to Brass Band sounds. He was joined by VIP delegates who include First Lady Amai Mugabe, VP Mnangagwa and Dr Chombo

1201: Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi of ZCC giving the opening sermon to kick start proceedings. In prayer, Bishop Mutendi pleads with God to protect Zimbabwe from the evil people of this world saying what happened in Iraq, Syria and Libya must not happen in this land.

1155: The National Anthem is now being sung.

1153: President Mugabe has arrived at the venue amid whistles, ululation and cheers

1152: South Africa Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has also arrived ahead of the official opening of the conference.

1134: Service chiefs have arrived at the venue.

1120:  Police band entertaining delegates as they await the arrival of President Mugabe for the official opening of the conference.

1110: Delegates are filling up the main tent for the official opening on the people’s conference. They started making their way to the venue as early 8am.

1055: President Mugabe is expected to commission the KwaVaMuzenda Heritage site a partnership between the Friends of Joshua trust and the Great Zimbabwe University. The site comprises of the late Vice. President’s first house which is next to another veteran nationalist Benjamin Burombo’s house. The site also has Dr Muzenda’s first ever car.

1051: President Mugabe is today set to officially open the Zanu-PF 16th Annual National People’s Conference. The revolutionary party’s First Secretary and President, Cde Mugabe will address delegates gathered at Masvingo Showgrounds.

This year’s conference is being held under the theme, “Moving with Zim-Asset in Peace and Unity”. It is attended by more 7000 delegates from all the country’s 10 provinces.

Besides delegates from the country’s 10 administrative provinces, the Zanu-PF indaba is also graced by delegates from the party’s Johannesburg and UK chapters, together with other friendly organisations that are expected to give solidarity messages.

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