Friday, December 16, 2016

Zimbabwe First Lady Brings a New Style to ZANU-PF Party Conference
December 17, 2016
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mugabe and First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe arrive at the ongoing Zanu PF16th Annual National People's Conference in Masvingo yesterday. - (Picture by Chief Photographer Believe Nyakudjara)

From George Maponga in Masvingo

The Zanu-PF Women’s League, led by First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, has introduced new regalia for the revolutionary party, which – among other things – captures the essence of Zimbabwe’s founding values and socio-economic transformation aspirations.

Explaining the philosophy behind the changes at Zanu-PF’s 16th Annual National People’s Conference at Masvingo Showgrounds yesterday, Amai Mugabe told the thousands of delegates present that the new regalia was more representative of the nation than that previously in use.

Among the main features of the new ruling party regalia is a map of Zimbabwe, shaped like a teacup, and a maize cob representing the country’s staple food.

“We had been wearing the same regalia for many years and resolved to come up with new regalia which shows that we are Zimbabweans and we live in Zimbabwe,’’ Amai Mugabe said.

“People do not realise that that on the new regalia there is a map of Zimbabwe, which is teacup-shaped. We drink from the teacup, meaning that we all benefit from our country’s resources.

“We also have a maize cob on the new regalia because maize is our staple food and this also shows that we are agriculturalists. We also have the (national) flower the Flame Lily on the new regalia,” added Amai Mugabe.

The First Lady said all five clusters of Zim-Asset – the Zanu-PF Government economic transformation blueprint – were also incorporated in the new ruling party regalia.

Another outstanding feature on the regalia is President Mugabe’s visage.

‘’We put the President’s face because he is our teacher and to show that we all believe in him,’’ she said.

The Zanu-PF Women’s League Secretary said the new regalia retained the national colours; namely black, green, yellow and red.

Amai Mugabe said besides dresses and shirts, the new design would also be used for T-Shirts and berets that would be sold to raise funds for Zanu-PF Women’s League programmes.

‘’I hope you will like it and those who buy will be supporting us to raise money for our programmes. This is our new party regalia from now on and you will get a lot of things made in the new regalia and I hope you will like it,” said Amai Mugabe.

Some conference delegates who were already decked out in the new regalia paraded their attire before their colleagues and the changed design received a rousing thumbs-up.

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