Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Earlier Repatriation of DPRK Women From South Korea Urged
An active struggle is under way for the repatriation of Kim Ryon Hui and other twelve women citizens of the DPRK, who are under detention in south Korea.

People of all social standings, media and experts in south Korea assert that a probe into the truth behind the abduction of the women citizens of the DPRK and solution to it are a measure of top priority importance for the improvement of "human rights" to be taken by the present "government", and an urgent issue.

Their abduction is a crime against humanity that can never be tolerated, an issue produced by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors' hideous moves for confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

In April 2016, the south Korean puppet forces abducted in group 12 DPRK citizens in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China and took them to south Korea in a bid to use them for meeting their sinister political and strategic purposes.

Finding it hard to calm down the voices of DPRK women and the public at home and abroad for their repatriation, the Park group let the Unification Ministry announce that "those women were made to settle in society after going through investigation by relevant authorities".

The puppet forces categorically stood against the repatriation of Kim Ryon Hui who was taken to south Korea after being abducted by flesh traffickers in September 2011.

Kim, after finding herself to having been cheated into south Korea, anxiously asked for her repatriation back to the DPRK, lamenting her abduction to south Korea and staging a hunger strike.

However, the puppet forces insisted that she came to south Korea at her will and cited such absurd pretext that she is a criminal who was caught red-handed while conducting "spying" activities, maintaining that her repatriation is impossible.

Despite the DPRK's repeated requests for her repatriation, the puppet forces went vicious to use her for meeting their sinister purposes, linking her issue with the repatriation of those who were detected and arrested in the north while conducting anti-DPRK spying operations.

The "National Assembly" and the ruling and opposition parties are talking about "reunion of separated families and relatives" in the north and the south at a time when the south Korean authorities are deliberately evading the repatriation of abducted DPRK women, a product of the Park Geun Hye group's confrontation policy.

The abduction and detention of DPRK women are hideous crimes against humanity that separated parents and children and deliberately produced more "separated families".

It is highly illogical to talk about "reunion of separated families and relatives" without solving the repatriation of DPRK women as the puppet forces added the pain of forced separation to the tragic national division, being seized by confrontation with the fellow countrymen, in disregard of human ethics and international law.

If they are truly interested in the issue of "separated families", the south Korean authorities should settle the issue of repatriation of the women whom they put under detention in south Korea for absurd reason.

No humanitarian work, including the reunion of families divided into the north and the south, can be realized before the settlement of this issue.


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