Tuesday, June 13, 2017

South Korean Regime Should Retract THAAD Project
A spokesman for the Pan-Korean Emergency Measure Committee for Opposing Nuclear War Drills against the DPRK released a statement on June 10 over the fact that the south Korean military was disclosed to have hushed up the additional introduction of four launchers of THAAD, except for the already deployed two launchers.

The statement said:
This was aimed at pacifying the angry south Korean public remaining strongly averse to the deployment of THAAD, evading rebukes of neighbouring countries and currying favour with the US administration so as to prolong their remaining days. It is another heavy crime and unpardonable pro-American act of treachery.

The conservative coteries, including the "Liberal Korea Party", are proactively shielding the treacherous act of the military authorities. This evidently shows that they are all traitors to the nation and pro-American elements.

What provokes bitterer anger is the fact that the US is pressurizing the south Korean regime to carry on the introduction of THAAD.

Lurking behind it is the US brigandish nature and black-hearted intent to hasten the realization of its strategy for dominating the Asia-Pacific region including the Korean peninsula by promptly deploying THAAD in south Korea and thus plug the south Korean regime into its project for building its global missile shield.

What matters is the ambiguous behaviour of the south Korean regime reading its American master's mind over the case. This is just an insult and challenge to the south Korean public strongly urging the retraction of THAAD project.

The surest solution to the issue of THAAD is to completely nullify its deployment project and drive the already deployed equipment of trouble-causing THAAD out of south Korea.

The US should bring its war monster THAAD back to its mainland.

The present regime of south Korea styling itself a "product of the public candlelight actions" should not follow in the footsteps of the Park Geun Hye group, which left only traces of treachery while being keen on sycophancy toward the US, by properly understanding the public demand.

It should also mete out capital punishment immediately on those who masterminded the introduction of THAAD like Kim Kwan Jin and Han Min Gu who are being censured by the south Korean public as modern-day "five Ulsa (1905) traitors."


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