Wednesday, June 07, 2017

SACP Mpumalanga Condemns Threats Directed at Our Second Deputy General Secretary, Comrade Solly Mapaila
1 June 2017

The South African Communist Party in Mpumalanga province has noted with concern, and condemns the cowardly behaviour of the lumpens who turned up at comrade Mapaila`s home with the intention of intimidating him and threatening his family. The lumpens aparently stole the name of the "MK Foundation" and were funded and rented a mob to go to Mapaila house to threaten him. They think that the apartheid tactics of threatening and silencing critical and constructive voices with revolutionary content will make us stop confronting the rot that has engulfed the country and movement. They must go back to drawing board.

We reiterate that Mapaila and other Party leaders do not represent their views but those of the collective. The Party will never be dissuaded by these cowardly acts aimed and attempts at liquidating it. We gain strength from such threats. We call on those whose names are implicated in these actions, in particular Jacob Zuma who has kept quite for too long while these alien tendencies are happening in his name, to distance themselves publicly and condemn such legacy. Failure for him to distance himself, he shall be held accountable for anything that may happen to any Party leader.

We equally are shocked on how the rascals decided to invite the Gupta-owned ANN7 in advance but did not follow the law, by-laws and give notice to Mapaila, his family and the SACP about their intention. As a working class Party the SACP expresses its solidarity with the innocent journalists as they were at work under the control of conditions set by the bosses at ANN7 but denounces the channel for its lack of courtesy and its entire biased and divisive approach to news and current affairs.

We vow to work tirelessly on the ground to make sure our Party resolution for President Zuma to step down in our quest to restore the dignity of our country is intensified! Our country is not for sale, our movement is not for sale. Let those who want to join the marsh not drag the sovereignty of country.

Issued by SACP Mpumalanga


Bonakele Majuba - Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 968 4877

Lesetja Dikgale - Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: 076 869 4360

Nomusa Keninda - Provincial Media Liaison
Mobile: 072 741 4050

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