Sunday, November 12, 2017

Angolan President Encourages Nationals on Country's Challenges
Matala, ANGOLA, November 11 - The Angolan President, João Lourenço, on Saturday in Matala Municipality, southern Huila Province, deemed it fundamental to face the challenges on the country's economic and social development, aiming for the well-being and prosperity of Angolans. ,

João Lourenço, who delivered a speech at the main celebration act of Angola’s 42nd National Independence anniversary marked on Saturday,  asserted that Angolans are building a better future. 

For such aim, he said, in his capacity as President of the Republic he counts on the support of all the citizens, without exclusion.

“The country is for us all, so it is up to us to make some effort to serve it”, he said, adding that each one must show commitment to the economic development of Angola with a view to “guaranteeing the social progress and well-being of the Angolan people”.

To him, the country cannot just wait for better days, it must be committed to the actions that bring about this result. 

He reiterated that after the conquest of political independence and the preservation of the country’s integrity, national unity, democracy, peace and national reconciliation it is imperative to work for economic independence. 

“The Portuguese colonist humiliated Angolans, squandered the country’s riches and, therefore, he had to fall”, underlined the Angolan Head of State.

Angola became an independent nation on 11 November, 1975, after nearly fifteen years of armed struggle against the Portuguese colonial system.

One of the figureheads of the country’s armed struggle against colonialism was the nationalist António Agostinho Neto, who proclaimed the National Independence on the referred date and became the first President of Angola, a deed that was also highlighted by President João Lourenço.  

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